What can you do with a fussy baby at a baptism?

What can you do with a fussy baby at a baptism? November 5, 2019

This Orthodox priest in Romania evidently took matters into his own hands: 

An Orthodox priest was captured by a professional photographer as he was feeding a baby girl while proclaiming the Gospel at the child’s baptism service at the Ascension of the Lord Church in Podu Olt, Brasov County.

During the Baptism service, infants who are about to receive this great Sacrament of the Church can sometimes become more agitated because it is a different environment from home or simply because they are hungry.

Photo: Studio Beginnings

The same thing happened at the baptism of Ana-Maria, but Father Iustin Milu had an excellent presence of mind and immediately managed to calm her down with a gesture full of love.

‘What surprised us, however, was the moment when, after the baptism itself, at the proclamation of the Gospel, the priest took the child in one hand and the bottle in the other hand and did not hesitate to feed the newly-Christened baby girl while reading from the sacred texts.’

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