Biden's beads

Biden's beads May 3, 2011

From the New York Times account of the death of bin Laden:

“On Sunday afternoon, as the helicopters raced over Pakistani territory, the president and his advisers gathered in the Situation Room of the White House to monitor the operation as it unfolded. Much of the time was spent in silence. Mr. Obama looked ‘stone faced,’ one aide said. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. fingered his rosary beads. ‘The minutes passed like days,’ recalled John O. Brennan, the White House counterterrorism chief.”

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13 responses to “Biden's beads”

  1. The president looks grim and stressed out. Hilary looks like she just saw a ghost. It must be an awful responsibility to send people into harms way and order other people killed, even if they were horrible characters.

  2. Before the 2008 election, I read in Obama’s autobiography that as community organizer in Chicago, he worked with Catholic priests and lay people. In fact, he was hired for the community organizer job by a Catholic priest, Fr. Thomas Kaminski, who died recently. Ever since, I have been interested in his relationship with Catholicism.

    In addition to his choice of Joe Biden as VP, one-third of his Cabinet is Catholic. (Latest statistics are that Catholics are 22% of the population in the U.S.)

    In the photo of Obama and his National Security team in the Situation Room on Sunday evening, I can identify 6 Catholics in the group of 12 people. Not pictured but certainly a key adviser, is Leon Panetta. In an interview yesterday, Chuck Schumer said that Panetta is one of the most moral people he knows. He and Panetta were in Congress together. Schumer mentioned that Panetta went to Mass every day.)

  3. According to other reports, they are looking at Leon Panetta on a screen. He was virtually with them.

  4. Contrary to popular belief Catholics are Democrats and are moral people and non Catholics like Obama are willing to work with them and include them in his circle of advisors without prejudice.

    They are usually looked upon by the other side as not being capable of being Catholic…….but of course they determined the rules rules on there own they appointed themselves as jury and the judge…..just ask them and see for yourself.

  5. As a Catholic from the “other side”, please take it easy. Or else you will find yourself as judgmental as you see “us”. Don’t believe all the press clippings about “us”. They usually get it wrong. (no offense, Deacon, 😉 ).

  6. Since I have attended and also taught in a Catholic institution of higher learning, I like to see the educational background of his closest Catholic advisers,
    – Leon Panetta, Santa Clara University (undergraduate and law degree)
    – John Brennan, Fordham University

    and more recently
    – Bill Daley, Loyola of Chicago

    (all Jesuit Schools, by the way)

    – Denis McDonough, St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN (Benedictine) and Georgetown (Master’s)
    – Thomas Donilon, Catholic University

    But wait, there’s more, also one who is not Catholic
    James Clapper (St. Mary’s University, TX (Society of Mary, Marianists) (Master’s)

  7. In a tense situation such as that and which most of us will never experience, if fingering rosary beads help to relieve tension—-good. The end to that particular situation was fortunately excellent.

  8. Dotter, If the press clipping are from FOX NOISE then your right, they do get it wrong ALL THE TIME!!!

  9. Don, it is FAR from contrary to popular belief that many, many Democrats are Catholic; it in fact is quite well known that a signficantly higher percentage of Catholics have always identifed themselves with the Democratic party than with the GOP, although admittedly Ronald Reagan put a signicant, lasting dent in that truism. No Catholic, he, but the Democratic Catholics who swung his way seemed to recognize, as he did, that it was not a matter of them leaving the party, but rather of the party leaving them.

    Undoubtedly many are sick and tired of hearing about it, but abortion is far more a problem for the Democratic party than a help, at least where Catholics and orthodox Christians are concerned; its ugly presence as a plank in the party’s platform forces these folks not necessarily to be bad people, but certainly to adopt a disintegrated worldview.

  10. jim dotter:

    define “other side”, as in “as a catholic from the “other side”

  11. It’s interesting to see how many of Obama’s advisers are Roman Catholic in background. And it’s interesting to see Joe Biden fingering rosary beads. But does anyone know what percentage of these Catholics are pro-life and have told the president that is where they stand of the issue of abortion?

  12. Good ole Joe and his rosary beads !

    Wasn’t it the same Joe who whispered in the ear of President Obama before he was to speak :
    ” This is a big f—— deal “

  13. Foxfan:

    You have to ask Don from New Hampshire about the other side, he brought it up.

    And Don:

    If you wish to refer to me by my last name, please do me the courtesy of using Mr. in front of it.

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