My neighbor, Anthony Weiner — UPDATED

My neighbor, Anthony Weiner — UPDATED June 11, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner represents my district in Queens — the 9th Congressional District — and, in fact, he lives within the boundaries of my parish, with a modest two-bedroom co-op just two blocks from our church.

Recently, the home was put up for sale (but reportedly taken off the market last week).  A local real estate website still carries the listing, with photographs inside the apartment, including the one below of the master bedroom. (Interested?  Asking price: $449,000).

I couldn’t help but be struck by the irony of the whimsical pillows that carry the initials of the owners: Huma and Anthony.   (And I’m sure all concerned are glad the order of those pillows wasn’t reversed…)  You can see more here.

UPDATE: My congressman has evidently apologized to his neighbors for all the mess he’s made in the neighborhood. Read all about it.

He’s also reportedly decided to seek professional help.

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5 responses to “My neighbor, Anthony Weiner — UPDATED”

  1. dymphna:
    Those pictures are from a real estate listing—so it is public viewing. They wanted to sell the place. Guess it is off the market now. No different than looking at any other real estate listing.

  2. I love love love your blog but I am not loving this posting. The man is obviously lost in a big way. I understand this is a public real estate listing, but

    what do you hope to accomplish by posting this?

    This does not feel charitable to me. He needs prayer. As Christians we know we all have serious failings. I would rather focus on mine than on this man’s.

  3. I am praying for this young family…Deacon Greg, Do you think he should resign?

    [Short answer: yes. Dcn. G]

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