Reports: Chinese priests detained

Reports: Chinese priests detained August 24, 2011

From the Associated Press:

A number of priests and laymen in China’s underground Catholic church have been detained in the country’s northwest in a struggle over the appointment of a new bishop, overseas reports said Wednesday.

Catholic news agencies AsiaNews and ucanews said security officials rounded up men from the underground community in the city of Tianshui over the weekend. They are being held separately and are required to attend political study sessions for four hours each day, they said.

However, an official with the local government’s Religious Affairs Bureau said the men were merely taking part in a routine training session.

“There was definitely no detention at all,” said the man, who refused to give his name because he wasn’t authorized to speak to the media.

AsiaNews and ucanews said the actions appeared to be aimed at persuading the men to support the official candidate to fill the bishop’s seat in Tianshui.

China has no formal relations with the Vatican and insists on the right to appoint its own bishops in defiance of Rome. Underground and government-recognized Catholic communities exist in tandem in China, with priests and laymen often moving between the two.

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7 responses to “Reports: Chinese priests detained”

  1. Deacon Greg,

    I’ve had this question for some time, and perhaps you and the other deacons can address it for me.

    The bishops consecrated against Rome’s wishes are nevertheless validly ordained, no?

    For priests loyal to Rome who may not have access to a valid and licit bishop, what are they to do? How can they absolve the sin of abortion, which is reserved to a bishop, unless they receive special delegation to do so? May they legitimately accept such delegation from these ilicit bishops?

    How does the Church survive under these circumstances, and what is the status of priests and deacons ordained by the rogue bishops?

  2. Several of the top GOP candidates for president and more than a few high profile bishops are making it their life’s work to tear down that wall and make the state an instrument of their respective churches. History shows, however, that the church becomes an instrument of political power in the end.

  3. Kenneth, I almost agree with you.

    Have to add that Democrat Presidents break the wall the other way too, by imposing the will of the state over the conscience of Catholics, for the example the mandatory contraception coverage and the use of tax money to pay for abortions.

    Yes, the Church should not be under the thumb of any government, that I completely agree.

  4. I suppose Vice President Biden “fully understands” and doesn’t “second-guess” the Chinese government’s policy in this regard as well. St. Thomas More, patron of statesmen, pray for us.

  5. Folks the separation clause lie was a flip of the intended text. The founders never wanted or desired to have religion separated from the government, but to make sure the government did not pass laws as had happened in Englend with the Church of England and laws that you had to be a member of that church to have full rights. they would have been appalled by the left attempt to remove the right of citizens to express their religious beliefs or to move to force the states to remove religious symbols such as the ten commandments in state or local government offices. Remember it was the founders which had church services in the house of representatives every sunday and it was to those services that Thomas Jefferson went every week he was in Washington. They set up a prayer to start each day and have a minister appointed for that job. We do not want to have a loyalty oath that all have to be Catholic, but we do not want to force folks to accept atheism either as the state religion. Removing God from schools in effect is forcing this as the state religion and should have been ruled unconstitutional. But of course we always use private letters from presidents to establish law in this country rather than what was actually written and clearly intended in the constitution. What a joke and what a big lie.

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