Will it play in Peoria? Parish begins webcasts of its Masses

Will it play in Peoria? Parish begins webcasts of its Masses August 27, 2011

This is something altogether different and, I think, rare: a parish (not a cathedral or a diocesan entity) offering web streaming of its Masses.


St. Joseph Catholic Church member Dave Fisher explains how the church’s new webcasting feature is helping a friend who has trouble hearing.

“I have a friend who is hard of hearing. She goes to Mass, then goes home and watches the webcast, turning it (volume) up until she can hear it,” he said. “These are the stories that make offering it (webcasting) wonderful.”

About two weeks ago, St. Joseph became the first church in the Peoria Diocese to begin webcasting its daily Masses. By accessing the parish website, parishioners can watch a live Mass on their computer. They can also access seven days of stored Masses through the Mass archives. In addition, funerals and weddings can be webcasted live, archived, or both.

The Rev. Tim Nolan, pastor of St. Joseph Parish, said this new technology helps parishioners who have a hard time making it to the church stay connected.

“It’s a way to better reach our homebound and those people who can’t travel to weddings and funerals,” he said.

“Webcasting is a response to the question, ‘How do you take care of people who can’t make it to Mass?” Fisher said. “Especially the elderly who helped build the church. We owe those people something.”

Webcasting helps reach what Fisher calls “medium people,” those who can get out, but aren’t as confident on snowy or rainy days. Mothers at home with sick children could also watch a webcast instead of missing church. “It’s an outreach to our parishioners and hopefully others. We are trying to find people where they are and be what we can be.”

Fisher, who manages the technological aspects of webcasting, said it also allows people to revisit a Mass. “We have people who want to hear a sermon again, especially if the sermon really touched you. It’s a great way to go back and review it,” he said.

Father Nolan has already had a positive response the webcasted funerals. “We have heard from families about how grateful they are for this,” he said. The first webcasted wedding is planned for September.

Read more. And you can see the results for yourself at the St. Joseph website. Just click on “Broadcasts.”

I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this.  Does anyone know of any other parishes who have undertaken webcasts?  I’d love to hear how it’s going.

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5 responses to “Will it play in Peoria? Parish begins webcasts of its Masses”

  1. As the co-webmaster of our parish website, I am keenly interested in how this goes! Now I just have to figure out how to describe the technology and potential benefits to our un-tech-interested pastor. 😉

  2. WE use our system not so much for webcast of Sunday Mass…but for special things, like musical programs. We have even webcast wedding so that relatives in Mexico can see a wedding taking place!

  3. As one of those “medium” people…that sounds AWESOME! Also? I miss my college church. SO MUCH. I would love to hear my priest’s sermons every week. I’m sure I would come home from the local church, make some coffee, sit down and tune in. 🙂

  4. It seems a little stalkerish to me – like checking to see if your kids REALLY went to mass or just brought home the bulletin…

  5. Maureen, that’s acutally sounding like a good idea! lol! I can just imagine: “Jimmy, did you actually go to Mass today? “Yes Mom” “Funny I didn’t see you in the pews there on the livestream, Jimmy. You skipped, didn’t you?” (Jimmy: Oh no). “Jimmy, your busted.”

    In more seriousness, there should be a disclaimer on the website that “This does not substitute actual Mass or dispenses one from the obligation to go. People, when no grave reason or dire circumstance to miss Mass occurs, should be going.”

    Other than that I am all for it! If Christ the King parish in Sarasota Florida, run by the Fraternal Society of St Peter, can broadcast their Extraordinary Form masses and have an Iphone App, then why not do it!

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