What are we? This video answers that question. Brilliantly.

What are we? This video answers that question. Brilliantly. September 3, 2011

I just love this.   Watch it and share it.

UPDATE: For those who have asked, this link has the lyrics.  The song is “All We Are” by Sugarland.

A snip:

Fire like lightnin’
Burning up the night
Smoke horizon
Won’t give up the fight

Where deep inside, you can hear that call
Wakin’ your heart, and shakin’ your walls
Where love is found and nations fall
A cry will rise above it all

All we are (we are)
All we are (we are)
All we are (we are)
All we are (we are)
We are young

Shine like diamonds
Cut the night in two
The skylight writin’
Show me all of you

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10 responses to “What are we? This video answers that question. Brilliantly.”

  1. Loved it!
    Although I am hoping, and working, for the day when we Eastern and Oriental Catholics are visible in messages about the Catholic Church. 🙂

  2. I cant believe how good this short video is about a faith that I have loved for 70 years. I hope to share it with many people. God bless those who put this video together.

    Rev, Kevin Milton, CSSR

  3. Yes, this is very good, but it would be better if there were more than a single photo of a person actually receiving Communion. If Eucharist is the center – the source and summit, as popes have often said – of Catholic existence, then it seems as if full, conscious and enthusiastic participation in the thanksgiving for and commemoration of Jesus’ saving actions – the Mass – should take precedence over simple adoration. That participation includes receiving communion (and living so that we can approach communion every time we attend Mass). We have been given that nourishment as a foretaste of the share in God’s life that will be complete at the end of time, and without that nourishment none of the other very important actions pictured are possible. Without Eucharist faith dies. Without Eucharist, we are not Catholic.

  4. WOW! I haven’t felt this proud to be Catholic since Blessed John Paul 11 came to Baltimore. In this short video I there is so much to celebrate about being Catholic. “Sexual Scandal” must not be all the world knows about us. Be present, be a sign to each other, be Catholic! Amen! Go team!!

  5. I think that this video is very well done and exudes feelings of joy. I would like to have seen at least one picture of a group of young people participating in the Novus Ordo and making a joyful sound unto the Lord ans praising Him with guitars and symbols. On second thought, I guess the caption would have to be “We are ordinary” since the caption for the Mass that is pictured is “We are extraordinary.”

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