"Be a man": an anthem for priestly discernment

"Be a man": an anthem for priestly discernment October 11, 2011

Now, for something completely different, from Franciscan University, and the men who are in the Priestly Discernment program.  Evidently, a talent for performing tunes from Disney animated musicals (here, a production number from “Mulan”) is an important part of priestly discernment.  Who knew?

Anyway, the audience clearly loved it.  Enjoy.

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3 responses to “"Be a man": an anthem for priestly discernment”

  1. If you care about your kids Catholic faith and are sending them to a university, this is one of the best. Our youth group go here every summer and the programs keep getting bigger and better. Scott Hahn home ground and many others.

  2. I wanted to be a man. and become a priest. It is politics that kept me out of it. nothing more nothing Less. I remeber mothe Angelica one’s saying. Many bishops don’ want good candidares for the priesthood. Don’t have up too much with the poor, politically you are out. That is what happened to me. Priesthood is not a life of comfort. It is continually learning ow to take care of your flock.Very special those who are poor. Jesus in the Gaspel shows us the way. Priesthood is hard work , and long hours. I have worked hard all my life, and never be affraid of doing some work. The poor should be the very special concern for every priest. If you want to be a follower of Jesus. Get rid of your stuff At time Jesus did not have a place to lay down his head, and have a little snooze. This what it takes to be a priest. John

  3. What a great commentary on the discernment process. I will continue to pray for these young men as they listen to God’s call to a priestly vocation

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