Go ahead. Take your time.

Go ahead. Take your time. November 14, 2011

If I’d known that an extra nine minutes and 50 seconds could make such a difference, I would have  paced myself.

Behold, a clever tribute to creativity — and taking your time.

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8 responses to “Go ahead. Take your time.”

  1. Sending this link to my daughter who is a graphic designer for a major company…although it is her BOSSES that need to see it!

  2. A good reminder for leaders and managers of people. This would be good for many bishops and chancery folks to see. Everything doesn’t have to happen RIGHT NOW! The most effective solutions take time to marinate.

  3. A very perceptive friend of mine (a Roman Catholic deacon, not surprisingly) sent me a link to this post. Made me grin from ear to ear.

    As a freelance illustrator, I know that a tight deadline can focus the mind wonderfully. But you can’t beat “play” for coming up with the really good ideas.

    Thanks for sharing, and good to see a whole classroom-ful of young dynamo illustrators!!

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