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Quote of the day November 3, 2011

“Your priesthood has a great assist in the accessibility of communications technology that men like Billy Graham or Fulton Sheen would have embraced and quickly mastered, to powerful effect. Take advantage of all of this; seize it for the sake of the Gospel. Jesus told us to preach to “all the nations,” and Vatican II specified that that the primum officium (first duty) of the priest is to proclaim the Word. Today the average parish priest has the capacity to get the message out 24/7, all around the world. Use new media pro-actively; let the Holy Spirit guide you to the allurement of God’s people—as in Hosea 2:14—in bold and sanctifying contrast to the vast wasteland that clutters the mind and warps the soul. Mount a website, get something on YouTube, pod-cast your sermons, post advice on FaceBook and tweet daily. Yes there is always the danger of superficiality, but Fulton Sheen faced that same danger fifty years ago and met it with enormous intelligence and creativity.

I really believe that now is a great time to be a priest. Some of the holiest saints have emerged during periods much like our own, fraught with difficulties and rich in opportunities. Don’t shrink from any of it, brothers. Ad multos annos!”

Fr. Robert Barron, offering words of wisdom that could also apply to deacons.

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One response to “Quote of the day”

  1. This is part of a great prophecy, of moving the Church into the Digital Age. Pope Benedict has spoken about this on a number of occasions.

    I started my own web site/blog over two years ago, a ministry devoted to Catholic prayer. I remember speaking to our parish Deacon about my “little” blog. He told me to keep at it no matter what the hit count might be, because if I could help just one person with their prayer life, all the effort would be worth it.


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