UPDATE: Court stops hospital from forcing nurses to take part in abortions

UPDATE: Court stops hospital from forcing nurses to take part in abortions November 4, 2011

Following up on this report…a judge has now stepped in.


A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Thursday prohibiting a New Jersey hospital from forcing any of 12 nurses that sued the facility to participate in training or services related to abortions.

As LifeNews reported, the nurses filed a lawsuit against their employer, the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, which told them they had to either assist in abortions or risk losing their jobs. The Alliance Defense Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of 12 nurses who work for the facility, which receives federal health funds and which told them they needed to assist abortions or be terminated from their employment.

The order, which the hospital agreed to, is in effect until the court decides whether to issue any additional order at a November 18 hearing.

ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman told LifeNews that federal and state laws both protect the nurses from being required to participate in medical activities related to abortions. Prior to the court order, two of the nurses had been scheduled to participate this Friday in training that would include surgical abortions.

“Pro-life nurses shouldn’t be forced to assist or train in services related to abortions. Federal and state law both prohibit this,” he said. “These 12 nurses have encountered threats to their jobs at this hospital ever since a policy change required them to participate in the abortion cases regardless of their religious and moral objections. The court’s order prevents that until the Nov. 18 hearing, but it is disturbing that the hospital may fight to continue violating laws that clearly protect conscience rights.”

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6 responses to “UPDATE: Court stops hospital from forcing nurses to take part in abortions”

  1. We’ve learned nothing from the history of the 20th Century. Was it so very long ago that we shook our heads and clucked our tongues at the communists and how they violated the rights of the human person, how they treated humans as nothing more than extensions of the state and its will? Back then we invoked Natural Law, as we did at Nuremberg. Now we see it beginning all over again, except it’s here.

  2. Has the hospital even agreed that this is the sequence of events, or are we only looking to the accusations alone? Again, the sources about this case are not too convincing without hearing from the hospital without a source which takes any claims about this to be true (LifeNews). There is a desire to cause people to support their cause by fear-mongering, and often such cases are proven to be fake and about other things later on. So again, I take this with a grain of salt, especially with the people involved.

  3. mind you I am pro-life all around but something like this gets my goat. Would someone explain to me what ever happened to the Hippocatic oath where it is mention do no harm as well as not to do an abortion ?

  4. Here’s an AP article about the situation. http://www.philly.com/philly/wires/ap/news/state/new_jersey/20111103_ap_njnursessuitoverabortionsheadstocourt.html?c=r
    The article begins by stating that the hospital has agreed to “temporarily” not force nurses to attend training or assist in performing abotions. The last paragraph states that the hospital does not force anyone to engage in procedures that violate the conscience of a health care professionl. The two statements seem contradictory: nurses are either “temporarily” free not to assist or they are always free not to resist. Which is it?

  5. Who would want to be a patient in a hospital that is trying to force nurses to help kill babies? What’s next, “euthanizing” indigent old folks on Medicaid/Medicare? I’m in RN school and this type of thing disturbs me greatly.

  6. I salute those nurses for taking their courageous stand like they did. And how appropriate on this day, which celebrates another brave Catholic who stood up to tyranny . Guy Fawkes!

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