Taking Jesus to the people

Taking Jesus to the people December 18, 2011

It turns out this dramatic display last week wasn’t an isolated incident.  The pastor at St. Raymond’s in Downey, California has done this at least once before. (H/T to Diane at Te Deum).

Below is an event from last summer.

By way of comparison, it’s worth taking a look at another kind of “Eucharistic flash mob.”  From Brooklyn’s Grassroots Films: below is a trailer for a short film they produced a few years ago, “God In The Streets of New York,” documenting a Eucharistic procession through New York City.

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3 responses to “Taking Jesus to the people”

  1. Deacon,

    When I saw your posting from earlier this week showing Adoration at the mall, and then read a considerable volume of negative reaction, espcially, frankly, by that lady who seemed poised to have the “offending” clerics arrested by Swiss arny guards, this Grassroots excerpt was EXACTLY what I had in mind.

    In bringing Jesus literally to the streets, these priests are exhibiting not only a lot lot of courage, but a lot of faith, too, in what He might well do to affect good to come out of this. A little dose of boldness on behalf of our Lord seems to be exactly what our culture can use these days.

  2. If you look at the two comparisons, it seems as if the second one in NY is handling the entire process with a lot more care and sacredness in handling than the one that arrived with the Eucharist on a rolling cart and touched the monstrance with bare hands. The second was class, the first looks like a very poor effort in a shopping mall. However, I have mixed emotions on this as I do see it taking the Lord out to the people. I just think the NY example above has a lot more sacredness.

  3. Some Capuchin Franciscans did this at a plaza in London last year. A few commenters were incensed about one of the friars pulling the monstrance out of a gym bag. True, it wasn’t the most reverent way to carry Him. But I thought it was more like Jesus was in disguise and then revealed Himself. That’s how I saw it, anywya.

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