What’s so funny? Here’s proof that laughter is contagious

What’s so funny? Here’s proof that laughter is contagious December 16, 2011

From a train in Germany, a fit of laughter spreads like a virus — or at least something viral — and YouTubers are hysterically lapping it up:

It’s unclear what the joke that sparked the mass hysterics was, but mobile phone footage uploaded to the video sharing site has caught the imagination of many online viewers. The origin of the laughter appears to a blonde woman sniggering at something on her phone. She is soon joined in her mirth by most of the other passengers. The video, posted by a user called amerking has been viewed more than 1 million times in a week. The popularity of the video may help to dispel the belief that Germany is a humourless nation.

I dare you to watch and not, at least, smile.

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9 responses to “What’s so funny? Here’s proof that laughter is contagious”

  1. When I was little, sometimes my siblings and I would get a little silly at the dinner table. If things got too silly though, we would get in trouble. Our oldest brother, knowing this, would try and get us laughing just to get us in trouble, and he was able to do get us laughing just by keeping a straight face, but with the slightest trace of a smirk behind it. That look of solemn seriousness, with the smallest wrinkle of his lips would start the avalanche of twittering laughs, soon cascading into an uproar. An uproar for us, that is. He would maintain the straightest of faces through it all, all the while knowing the sword of damocles was about to fall on the rest of us. Life wasn’t fair, I tell ya.

  2. bt – I know exactly what you’re talking about. As the older brother in my life, I know _exactly_ what you’re talking about, hahaha.

  3. If, as I gather, personal exchanges between strangers in crowded places are even less common in Germany than they are in the US, the clip is even more engaging than it seems at first.

  4. I think the orange Big Bird style hat on one of the passengers is the source of this wonderfully fun slice of life! Since we are made in God’s image and likeness, He must a magnificent sense of humor! Thanks for sharing, you made my face hurt and made my day!

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