Radio daze

Radio daze March 4, 2013

Those who have nothing better to do this afternoon will be able to catch Your Humble Blogger chatting away with Lino Rulli on Sirius Satellite Radio.   

I’ll be on sometime around 5:30 ET, discussing various things papal—including media coverage of the resignation.

For me, it marks a return trip to “The Catholic Guy”—I visited a couple years back to persuade Lino to become a deacon.

We can all see how well that turned out.

Anyway: the coolest thing about doing his show is that he broadcasts from Howard Stern’s studios—how’s that for strange bedfellows?—and you never know who you’ll bump into in the waiting area. Last time, I saw Dan “Bulldog” Butler from “Frasier.” 

(The fact that I find that cool is probably a cry for help.)

As my old CBS colleague Charles Osgood likes to say: I’ll see you on the radio…

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