How much love can the human heart hold?

How much love can the human heart hold? January 17, 2014

This much.

H/T to Jill Stanek, who posted this incredible video of Dennis and Carita Chen meeting their adopted son Jacob for the first time:

Anytime I think about adoption, I think about my spiritual adoption, about how Jesus went to infinitely grater lengths to adopt me to the family of God.  What a privilege it is in a smaller way, in a human way, live out some of the truth of the Gospel…The nurse showed us that even on his little tag that his identity was “Baby Boy”—he didn’t belong to anybody, he didn’t have a name.  But in the very instant where the nurse looked at us and said, “So what’s his name,” and we both said together “His name is Jacob”—in that very moment, instantaneously, he belonged to us, he had a name, and he was known.

Just watch.

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