Russian artists assault Lenin’s tomb with holy water

Russian artists assault Lenin’s tomb with holy water January 20, 2015

From The BBC: 

Two Russian artists have been arrested after throwing holy water and shouting “rise up and leave” at the mausoleum containing Vladimir Lenin’s tomb.

A video of Monday’s incident shows the men breaching a barrier to access the building in Moscow’s Red Square before dowsing one of its walls with water.

Seconds later, police officers intervene and lead the two men to a nearby police vehicle.

They could be held for up to 15 days for disorderly conduct, reports say.

The men, identified as Oleg Basov and Yevgeny Avilov are members of an art group called Blue Rider.

The group dubbed the performance as: “The Exorcist. Desecration of the mausoleum.”

The men told the news website (in Russian) that the act was an attempt to rid Russia of its Soviet past, which they said was beginning to assert itself in the present.

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