More church vandalism reported in Providence

More church vandalism reported in Providence July 19, 2015

Hot on the heels of the attack on a church pulpit comes this news: 

In the capital city of the most Catholic state, parishes were tagged with scrawlings on walkways in front of church buildings. On the steps from the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the words “JESUS IS FALSE GOD” are written on what the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence says is part of the city-owned plaza.

Over at Holy Ghost on Atwells Avenue, orange graffiti has been scrubbed away at the foot of the steps. Further up the road at St. Adalbert’s, the words “FALSE god!” were scrubbed from the sidewalk, but still visible.

The diocese released the following statement Friday:

“The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is very concerned about the recent acts of vandalism near some of our churches. The Church has full confidence that authorities will do a thorough investigation. We continue to encourage members of the Catholic Church to remain very vigilant about safety and security in light of the dangerous times in which we are living.”

Check out the video report and pictures here.

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