Pow! Watch the boxing nuns of Poland

Pow! Watch the boxing nuns of Poland March 10, 2018

From YouTube: 

The Capuchin Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Polish town of Minsk Mazowiecki have produced a hit viral video of the brutal Brides of Christ showing off their fighting skills. They are seen in the footage practicing their combos on pads and pounding the heavy bags – all wearing their traditional habits – at a local gym. The nuns released the footage to raise awareness and money for essential work on the children’s home they run. On their Facebook page, the media-savvy nuns wrote: “We are training hard because the renovation of our orphanage is coming soon. “For years, we’ve been running a child’s home. Unfortunately, the building now requires comprehensive modernization to meet sanitary and fire requirements. “It’s about child safety, so we’re taking on this challenge. “Thank you, and we provide prayers for all who support us.”

Check out the video below.

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