Want to be more like Jesus? Try being more like Fred.

Want to be more like Jesus? Try being more like Fred. March 21, 2018

That was my first thought after seeing this trailer for a new documentary about the irreplaceable Fred Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” 

The movie comes out on June 8th. But here’s a glimpse —and, I think, a heartfelt reminder of who we are called to be as disciples of Christ. Mr. Rogers had a lot to say to the world—not just the smallest and youngest among us.

The Christian Post once noted:

His most famous program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, debuted on national television in 1968 and lasted 31 seasons, with its final episodes airing in 2001 or about two years before his death.

Less known to his large audience through the years was that Rogers was a vegetarian, composed more than 200 songs, and was ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1963.

[Author Michael] Long told CP that he believed that “Rogers was radical in the sense that he rooted himself deeply in Christian convictions that stood against the tide of public opinion.”

Read more. And watch the movie trailer below.

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