Catholic school stirs controversy over ‘modesty poncho’ for prom

Catholic school stirs controversy over ‘modesty poncho’ for prom May 1, 2018


Oh brother.

Check out this report: 

A Catholic high school in Michigan is clarifying its controversial plan to make female students wear “modesty ponchos” on top of revealing prom dresses, saying the pink cover-ups won’t be passed out at the big dance after all.

Officials at Divine Child High School in Dearborn said in a statement released Tuesday that students shouldn’t take their previous pledge to dole out the extra clothes at the prom to heart, despite a note attached to a poncho in the school’s lobby starting last week that “literally” promised to make sure they’re dressed appropriately.

“Our intention with displaying the poncho was never to make students feel uncomfortable, but to remind all students and parents of our formal Prom dress policy, which has not changed for several years,” principal Eric Haley wrote in a statement obtained by The Post. “To be clear: The poncho will not be passed out at Prom. It was on display to proactively remind students of our dress code policies and eliminate any confusion prior to this special event.”

The video below has even more.

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