St. Patrick, Son of a Deacon

St. Patrick, Son of a Deacon March 17, 2019

From the vault, a timely remembrance from Triple D, Deacon Doctor Bill Ditewig:

So, we all know the things that are NOT true about St. Patrick: He wasn’t Irish by birth, he didn’t really cast out snakes from Ireland, he wasn’t the first person to bring Christianity to Ireland, and he probably didn’t use the shamrock as a sign of the Trinity in his teaching.  What we do know is that he was the son of a Deacon (Calpurnius), and the grandson of another cleric.  While myth surrounds his early life, that doesn’t mean that Patrick’s life and ministry don’t reach deep into the Christian psyche.

Indeed! Check out more. 

And of course, note that the image of the saint shows him wearing a dalmatic, as bishops sometimes do!

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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