‘A vivid example of how NOT to Catholic’

‘A vivid example of how NOT to Catholic’ August 8, 2019

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This is worth your time, a lesson for us all from Larry Denninger at A Catholic Misfit: 

I have an adoration hour Tuesday nights at my parish’s Perpetual Adoration chapel. This week I witnessed the saddest and bizarrest thing in my 15+ years as an adorer, and a vivid example of how *not* to Catholic.

Our chapel can comfortably accommodate 7 adorers – two rows of chairs+kneelers, with a pew along the back wall that seats three, plus kneelers. I choose either the rear left or rear right corner, if available, for my hour. This week, I nabbed the rear left seat. As is my habit, I started praying the rosary.

Several minutes later, a woman entered the chapel – we’ll name her W. She’s a semi-regular Tuesday visitor, late 50’s, staying for an hour or longer. She sat down opposite me in the back right corner.

Less that five minutes later, a mother – M – and daughter – let’s call her D – entered. I always look at who enters, this time being no exception, and I didn’t recognize them. D looked to be early teens, wearing short jean shorts (do people still call them jorts?). D sat in the front right chair, and M sat behind her. I continued saying my rosary.

Thirty seconds later, W walks up, a light jacket in her hand, and drapes it across the girl’s lap saying “Cover up – this is Jesus we’re talking about here.” She then goes back to her seat, without saying anything to M – and resumes praying.


I immediately thought “O no u dint”, quickly followed by “This won’t end well.”

Read what happened next. 

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