Dealing with Chronic Pain

Dealing with Chronic Pain January 20, 2023

How I wish I had a perfect answer to this! I think at some point, all aging bodies will garner damage from living and they will end up with some sort of issue that requires endurance. Even the most abled bodies often suffer or have suffered tremendous hardship. Chronic pain can be emotional and mental, as well as physical. I actually believe that all things emotional, mental, and spiritual, that are provided sufficient levels of focus and energy, will eventually manifest into the physical. This by itself will provide awareness that it’s been a problem for a very long time.

This process is about The Law of Attraction which I won’t go into here. There are so many great resources on how to make the Law of Attraction work for you (and how you may be using it against yourself). Some of my personal favorites are Abraham as channeled by Ester Hicks or Dr. Wayne Dyer. The concept of L0A isn’t new its been around for centuries so I don’t consider it to be a new concept. I’m always amazed that most people do not really understand it and live every day in accordance with its concepts. I have personally used it successfully to manifest so very much I am often amazed at its efficiency.

The problem with the Law of Attraction occurs when the things you think you want, don’t show up. That’s where the really interesting stuff comes into view. I’m sure you are saying something about now that sounds similar too, “Yeah, if it’s so easy then why haven’t you won the lottery?” And I agree, that’s a fair question. It’s really hard to imagine that one is not in alignment with perfect health or financial freedom. But those are concepts that actually are so polarized that we have been programmed against them since birth.

Mom said, “Don’t get hurt!”

We are constantly told to “be careful” and “be safe”, thereby instilling the fear of being hurt. One of the freedoms of the fearlessness of youth is the inability to align with learned fear. Children are so focused on experience and fun that fear of pain and weighing its likelihood, isn’t yet their first instinct. However, that ability comes on quickly just out of the interest of survival. Granted some souls enter the world with fear already instilled in their being, but this too is an interesting rabbit hole that we acknowledge but for brevity, we will not go down that path today.

How can an adult who has already garnered injury or illness through whatever means, deal with the current situation? I personally have had migraines most of my adult life. Periodically the medicine doesn’t work and I end up in a hellbender lasting from days to months of debilitating pain and vomiting.  Absolutely, go to the doctor, therapist, naturopath, or other professional and get all the help you can to deal with chronic pain.

Energy Work

Pain isn't always tangible.
Pain isn’t always tangible.

When it comes to being home alone and being past the point that your medication seems to be helping I recommend doing anything you can to shift your mind into a positive, peaceful, state. I personally find that having someone gently rub my arm or back will allow me to focus on that pleasure state and allow me to begin to relax each muscle and fiber. Reiki, Bodywork or massage can also be options if you can get out of the house or afford them.

Once I’m able to relax a bit I begin to feel the pain. To do this I’m looking for its edges, where exactly is it? What areas are not feeling pain? What shape does it take? When I have defined the pain’s physical placement, I begin to focus on its edges and shape only long enough to be aware of what is next to it that feels well. I focus on the well areas of my body and how grateful I am that those areas are not exhibiting distress. On occasion, this activity will actually dispel the pain, as if it moves away from being tangible when I begin to try to grasp it. Other times, it gives it shape, form, and density, making me aware of some metaphysical structure having become lodged in my body. This then gives me a visualization of what I actually want to extract from my energetic body. This can lead me to thoughts of past life scenarios or even to a metaphorical knife in the back by a friend. These are things that can be wrestled with and released which on some level does relieve quite a bit of emotional and spiritual weight. I mean, after all, if you are laying in bed dealing with pain, why not actually deal with some levels of pain and release them while you have the opportunity?

Once the extraction has taken place I do my best to feel relief and gratitude. Granted, this doesn’t always work for long and the pain returns. Your endurance really comes into play with chronic issues. One cannot allow themselves to focus on how long this problem has occurred because that only erodes your ability to look forward. Besides you cannot change what has occurred in the past it’s already out of your hands. All you can do with that is to know you’ve already lived through that pain and all you need to do is get through the next few mins because it will eventually subside enough that you can get a moment to catch your breath.


Pain Scale
Pain off the Scale?

However, with those suggestions made, chronic pain is a dangerous thing. We hold ourselves to standards and expectations we would never expect others to endure. Pain can wear you down to the point where you are unable to see any hope or deliverance ahead. PLEASE ASK FOR HELP, and if you don’t get what is needed, please call someone else and keep calling. Sometimes, it’s enough to just have someone sit with you and touch you to keep you in your body. As I have discussed in prior articles, chronic pain is a major contributor to suicides in the United States. Unfortunately, I am aware of a person who was released from the hospital still in such a level of pain that when he returned to his home and was left alone, took his own life. I know many people, young and old, who are alone and suffering pain. There are not enough resources in most communities to help with this situation so please be a Human and act with kindness and love.

Extreme endurance is when you have to find the foothold to pull yourself up to find help again! Chonic pain suffering is all around us, in all ages and all socioeconomic groups, try to be aware that we all have issues and are likely struggling. All my love and respect for the family and friends that help support those who are in this fight.  If possible do all you can in advance to stay healthy, strong, and well. Eat right, exercise, and meditate. When you have a good day, take advantage of it!  All my love and respect to each of my pain warriors.

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