Holding the High Watch After the Election

Holding the High Watch After the Election November 15, 2016

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I’ll admit that since the presidential election, my house has gone quiet.

I turned off the news and have not looked at Facebook. I just couldn’t take any more. Regardless who won, this was always going to be a time of heightened rancor and conflict.

But I have run across some statements of truth about how to hold a spiritual perspective in the election aftermath that I thought you might like. They came from my fellow ministers and other spiritual teachers.

Whether you are sad and angry about the U.S. election, or whether you are jubilant and looking forward to a shakeup, you can see the enormous tasks ahead.

If nothing else, you might want to remember these gems if your Thanksgiving table will include people who voted in opposite ways.

Howard Caesar, the senior minister at Unity of Houston, said before the election:

We shine the Light of God’s Wisdom, Order and Love upon the election and trust that regardless of who wins, our good cannot be denied, for the Light of God’s good can never be extinguished.

I needed that reminder. My good does not come from government and cannot be blocked by it. There is another Source.

Sylvia Sumter, the minister at Unity of Washington, D.C., noted how much more engaged we have become in our own democracy. Heaven knows, it needs our spiritual influence.

We are truly being called to live our Truth and to be silent no more. We must speak from the Highest place within us, from the heart of God, and let that voice resound into the heart of everyone we touch.

My friend Rev. Ed Townley in Connecticut heads the Spirit Expressing movement. He sees the election as another opportunity to grow in exactly the ways we came to learn.

. . . Spiritual truth did not lose the election. It can really be a challenge to hold firm to that Truth against the gale-force winds that fill our lives! And yet that’s precisely what we expressions of Spirit are here in human form to accomplish.

Ed was frank about his disappointment with the outcome of the election, but he said he has begun looking for good in  President-elect Trump.

I see him knowing and expressing his true Self. I thank him and appreciate him for taking on this enormous role on our collective spiritual journey. I enfold him in the Light and Love that are the very essence of the nation we share—and of all nations in this challenging world.

You may read the whole message here.

James Twyman, who has worked for peace all over the world, said:

I asked thousands of people to pray for the “highest good” to be done in this election. Part of that involves me letting go of what I think needs to happen and trusting what actually is happening. It’s impossible for me to know what humanity needs to evolve into love . . .

His full statement is here.

I especially liked one message from the Other Side. Suzanne Giesemann, a medium and channel, passed along these words from a group of non-physical entities she calls Sanaya.

Their words reinforced what I wrote in last week’s blog before we knew the outcome. Sanaya spoke on Wednesday morning after the results were in.

Expect the best. Expect the best. Expect the best. Whether you are feeling disappointment or jubilation this morning, it matters not. Consciousness creates your reality.

It is the mass Consciousness of a nation that produces its leaders, and now it is up to you to continue at an individual level creating peace within, creating love within, and creating what follows around you. Do you send out waves of fear, or do you send waves of positive expectations?

(Positive expectation) works on a small scale within your relationships and on a grand scale in your world affairs. … Now that your current reality faces you, surround it with high expectations, high vibrations, and you—yes, you—create the outcome.

No matter who is in the White House, no matter what is going on in the world around us, our job always is to shine our divine light in the world. This is just another opportunity.


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