Trusting You’re Not Crazy When You Hear Voices

Trusting You’re Not Crazy When You Hear Voices April 4, 2016

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Suzanne Giesemann is the least woo-woo psychic / medium / channeler you’re likely ever to meet.

I interviewed her for a magazine article and heard her speak a year ago, and I’ve been following her burgeoning career ever since.

She talks to dead people, of course, but more recently, she has begun channeling her spirit guides for live audiences, much like Esther Hicks with Abraham or Darryl Anka with Bashar. Her group is called Sanaya.

Suzanne was embarrassed about this at first.

Sure, she let Sanaya download messages to her every day to send out by email, called Sanaya Says, but she thought channeling in public was too woo-woo even for a medium.

Then she noticed how passing on information about the essence of Life lifted the energy of entire rooms full of people, how it touched hearts and even changed lives.

So she has come out of the closet as a channeler, as well as an evidential medium.



You have to know Suzanne’s story to appreciate how very unlikely this spiritual path was for her.

photo of Suzanne Giesemann
Suzanne Giesemann

In her previous career, she was a Navy commander and aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

She flew on Air Force One, sat in on top-secret hearings on Capitol Hill, and visited the White House situation room and the Oval Office on official business.

She also walked through the wreckage of a jet airplane outside the smoldering Pentagon on 9-11.

In those days, she would sneak off to metaphysical bookstores because something drew her there. But it never really occurred to her to investigate death and the afterlife until her 27-year-old step-daughter Susan was struck and killed by lightning.

Suzanne tried contacting Susan through other mediums at first, then discovered she herself was highly sensitive to messages from spirit.

The hardest part was to trust she wasn’t crazy.

Trust is the key, Suzanne said, if you want to hear from non-physical energies.

Believe that it’s possible. Pay attention to the nudges you feel.  Sit in silence, ask to be guided, seek to clear out any mental blockages, and see what unfolds.

“We’re so limited down here,” she said, “and the more you expand your consciousness, the more you are aware of how much you are a part of, and how inseparable you are from it.”



I’m quoting Suzanne from a fascinating interview I just heard with her on Buddha at the Gas Pump, a video podcast by Rick Archer.

She talked about:

  • How things work when we get to the Other Side.
  • Whether our souls remain individualized or sink back into Oneness when we complete this human experience.
  • Whether we can have multiple incarnations at the same time.
  • How we can tune into someone on the Other Side, even if they have already reincarnated.
  • How the “dead” communicate with us. One time a yellow butterfly followed Suzanne for two days while she and her husband were sailing in open water. It was Susan.

Answering all the questions from Rick Archer and his listeners took a couple of hours, but I stayed glued to the video. And took notes!

Suzanne has no problem with people who are skeptical about all this, and recommends they stay inquisitive.

“There are charlatans out there,” she said.

Some are sincere but aren’t very attuned with spirit, and others are in it for the money.

Besides, you can communicate with spirits yourself. Anytime you think or talk about someone who has died, they are drawn to you, she said. They don’t miss the weddings and birthdays. We are all one in love.



Suzanne offered some advice for finishing your current incarnation: Find opportunities to love.

So often when people get to the Other Side, she said, they look at their lives from a higher perspective and see how much energy they wasted carrying a petty grudge or judging others.

You’ll be ahead of the game, she said, if you practice being the presence of love now.

Suzanne, who grew up with no religious training at all, said she felt overwhelming love and peace when she once got in touch with the energy of Jesus, but she demanded that he give her a Bible verse to confirm his identity. He gave her 1 Thessalonians 2:13.

When she looked it up, Suzanne found more reassurance that the messages she receives are real.

The verse says, “When you received the word of God that you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word but as what it really is, God’s word, which is also at work in your believers.”


PS – I’m curious . . . If you could get in touch with anyone from the Other Side, who would it be and what would you ask? Or can you contact them yourself? Scroll down to the comment section to let me know!


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