The Holy Ghost’s Whisperings Will Guide You

The Holy Ghost’s Whisperings Will Guide You January 14, 2023
Recently this miracle where I heard and felt the Holy Ghost’s whisperings that I recorded in a journal entry came to mind.  The journal entry  recorded some of the angst, stress, and fear I felt during that particular “crisis.” I was amazed at the peace that came when I decided to listen to the Holy Ghost’s whisperings.
By following the prophet’s admonition to “refine our ability to recognize the whisperings of the Holy Ghost,” we can be guided through turbulent and uncertain times, as easily as I was guided to find my lost dog, Stig.

Know How the Spirit Speaks to You

President Russell M. Nelson counseled,

It has never been more imperative to know how the Spirit speaks to you than right now. In the Godhead, the Holy Ghost is the messenger. He will bring thoughts to your mind which the Father and Son want you to receive. He is the Comforter. He will bring a feeling of peace to your heart. He testifies of truth and will confirm what is true as you hear and read the word of the Lord.

I renew my plea for you to do whatever it takes to increase your spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation.

Doing so will help you know how to move ahead with your life, what to do during times of crisis, and how to discern and avoid the temptations and the deceptions of the adversary.

From a journal entry:

Just had to share my doggie miracle. I can’t believe how peacefully this “crisis” was resolved because I listened to the Holy Ghost’s whisperings.
I open all the doors and windows for tradewind flow, including the garage door. We put a bin lid across the doorway to discourage Stig’s exit. Stig does not like opposition, so the simplest deterrent keeps him housebound.
I’ve been working all morning under headphones, concentrating. When Stig’s hot, he moves around the house, sometimes going to his bed in the bedroom. So, I didn’t really think anything about him leaving the couch almost two hours ago.

The Holy Ghost’s Whisperings

All of a sudden, I felt like I needed a drink. So, I got up and got a drink and a clementine. (not necessarily important details hahaha). I felt a need to check on Stig. As I walked to the bedroom, I noticed the lid blocking the garage door exit was knocked over. So, I quickly checked the bedroom. Stig wasn’t there or anywhere else in the house.
Instead of just running out, I followed the prompting to arm myself with specific liver treats and to grab his leash (the leash seems obvious, but, well, it wasn’t my first thought.)
I felt pretty overwhelmed because he’d potentially gotten an hour headstart on me. This dog loves to explore and there are infinitely easily accessible options—including a 6-lane highway, a golf course with forested brush a few steps away from our garage door, and, of course, piles of condos and homes around us. He has a microchip but wasn’t wearing a collar. I’d hoped he was just sitting on the driveway, tanning his polka dots. Nope.
Of course, I prayed. I knew it would be impossible to find Stig without heavenly help. I felt led to walk in a particular direction, so I went that way calling Stig’s name. I eventually called Anthony (he is a very invested dog parent) and was searching while talking to him when I felt a little nose nudge my leg from behind.
I turned around and there was my little creature looking all proud of himself and very mischievous. Since he came up from behind, I don’t even know where he came from. I leaned over to put the leash on and he hauled off, continuing his adventure. I hung up with Anthony and calmly followed him into someone’s doorway.
I offered the liver treats, which he doesn’t get very often and apparently LOVES so much that he traded in adventuring for chomping. I calmly put his leash on Stig. And then, we walked home.
I’m just so grateful and happy about the positive resolution. I’m grateful for miracles and answered prayers and a lost doggie who found me with a little doggie kiss.
ps. the garage door is closed for the rest of the day.
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