5 Simple House Magicks

5 Simple House Magicks June 30, 2014

I have a friend who comes from a tight-knit traditional Irish family.  Her kin have many of their own small magickal ways that have nothing to do with which god they worship.  The matriarch of this clan explained why she was attentive to her soup stirring technique like this: “Why would I look for bad luck?”

Simple practices can really make a difference in shifting our energy.   When I follow certain patterns, I feel more attuned to what’s happening in and around me and my space.  Whatever the reason for that, it works and that’s my favorite kind of magick!

Juju up the Soup!

Here, in no particular order, are a few things that happen here at the Holler which help me stay in harmony.  Try ‘em out and see if they work for you!

  1. Like my friend’s mom does, stir a cooking pot deosil (clockwise) for increase of mana/chi/prana in your food.  Wash plates and pots widdershins (anti-clockwise) for decrease of mess and whatever else is hanging around your kitchen!
  2. Say a little prayer of welcoming to fire as you turn on the stove and one of gratitude when you turn it off.  Fire is a most important ally in so many activities on the homestead and it behooves us to get along!
  3. Talk to your food.  Be that weird person.  Thank those molecules that have chosen to be ‘carrot’ this go-round.  If you eat meat, give gratitude to that critter that gave its life for your sustenance.  Life is sacred, and so is death.
  4. Use what’s at hand, rather than making an extra trip to the store.  Decide how to do a thing based on what you have available.  Know when you can substitute rosemary for sage, or a red candle for a blue.
  5. Avoid throwing things “out”.  (There really is no such thing at “out”.  There’s only “over there”.) Consider the trash as a very last resort.  Reuse, recycle, give away, feed to dogs, worms, chickens, or compost. There’s a fitting end to the life-cycle of a thing; at least the part of the cycle in which we actively participate.

And one more bonus magick:  don’t beat yourself up when you forget to do these things!  Slowing down enough to be attentive is a skill that we have to learn.  Our spiritual practices don’t have to be a stick we use to beat ourselves.  They can be a beauty and a comfort as well as a strength.

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