A Tiny Winter Meditation

A Tiny Winter Meditation January 9, 2015

shutterstock_25253872I notice that much of what I write I only want to tag “Philosophy”, but really, this whole blog is about that, isn’t it?  The mindset which encourages self-sufficiency, creativity, getting close to the source of things.  Just like our witchery:  touching the source and the Source.  Getting to know the small gods of the Yeast and the Lactobacillus,  the spirits of the Spring, the birds.  Remembering the blessedness of a particular slant of sunlight each day, a message that signals the seeds to awaken or the leaves to fall.  

Let’s do this together now:

Deep breath.  Let the air you take in fill you and feed you.  Feel or imagine the rush of blood through the darkness within you.  Feel where the skin of you meets sky, the subtle pressure of the world on your edges.  Breathe.  Move your awareness out from your own form and explore the space around you.  Travel through floors and walls and ceilings to reach the World Outside, the place of Earth and Snow and Rain and Sun.  shutterstock_162860120In all of these things, the spirits reside.  Touch the spirit of dirty slush in the street, the spirit of dead leaves, the spirit of frozen water.  Touch the spirit of slow-moving sap and rising warmth and the sun’s gift of light.  Feel the quiet in the center of Winter.  Take your Time. All is Holy.  You are Holy.  Blessed be~

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"It really is so sweet! It's wonderful to hear all the blessings from your beloveds!"

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"Beautiful words and thoughts, Jenya!"

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