Invocation to the Shadow Ally

Invocation to the Shadow Ally October 28, 2015

My last post was an introduction to the Shadow House. Go check that out and then come back here.


As I mentioned there, an important part of any Shadow Work is making sure we have a support system in place.  This can mean many things:  psychotherapy, good friends, priests, teachers.  A clean house.  Clean relationships.  And also, just like in any magickal undertaking, we invite our allies of spirit to be with us, to lend their strength to us, their protection.

This is an invocation/meditation to bring an Ally to you.

First we would invoke all of our Guardians:

 I call upon the guardians of my House,Shadow-Fisher square

To come forth and be with us.

I call upon the Lightbringers,

The Shiners in the darkness,

The Torch at the crossroads.

I call upon Those who flow through the blackness of the deepest seas,

To rise and greet the moon on the water.

I call upon Those who make their home in the earth, deep underground,

To teach us to navigate without sight.

I call upon those who lifted themselves out of the

Exploding mass of the Universe on that very first moment of creation

And have flown out from the center of the Worlds forever.

Guardians and guides,

Allies to the Shadow-workers,

Be with us as we prepare to go with courage into the night.

Care for us as the Star Goddess cares for all Her children

Hail and Be Welcome!

And then we begin with the breath:

Let the breath you take in fill you and feed you.  Let the breath you take in invigorate the eye of the storm within your physical form, the place of stillness and calm that is always within you.  Breathe into that place of calm.  Now.  With eyes closed, open etheric sight.  If you are not sure what you see, or think you may be making it up, good!  That’s fine for now.

Another breath, into the center of you and let a light open up within you, and let a call go out from you, to one who will be your ally for this most important part of your journey.  This is part invitation and part divination.  “Who will help me with my Shadow?”

Lovers !Maybe this call simply says:  I am here.  Let that beacon shine for a bit and see who comes to you.  This may be one of the Guardians who takes a particular interest in your work, or an Ancestor who you’ve worked with before.  Let them take form with you and spend some time connecting with them.

If no ally shows up for you, invite Gandalf.  Or Yoda.  Or Dumbledore.  Whoever strikes you as Wise and Powerful.

It is awkward to accept help in the physical realm.  It is no different to accept help from the metaphysical realm!  This meeting may be strange or uncomfortable.  Speak it.  Let it be said, rather than block communication.

Take some time with this helping spirit and tell them of your desires and challenges with this work.

Now let us prepare to move back into this shared reality.  Exchange information with your Ally, so that you may stay in touch with them, within and without this space.  Their assistance may prove very valuable outside of the circle as well!

And when you are ready, come back to the breath.  Breathe in, and let the breath you take in invigorate your physical form, remind you of your body, where you sit, what supports your flesh.  Begin to return to a more discrete way of seeing, that you may be able to leave this place safely.  Breathe into your body and out, into your body and out, breathe into your body and follow your breath back out into the room of light and noise and shared experience.  And when you are ready, open your eyes, and Be Here Now.

Blessed be.


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