Turn and Face the Strange ~ RIP David Bowie

Turn and Face the Strange ~ RIP David Bowie January 11, 2016

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When we found out the theme of this year’s Pantheacon was along the lines of “Change”, the Ole Time Good Spell Feri Pagan Tent Revival crew started shooting emails back and forth about how we could fit into that.

A couple of weeks ago, we settled on a title: Changes~Turn and Face the Strange.

I’m working on the sermon and it’s evolving as we speak, after the tragic loss of our inspiration, David Bowie.

All the words mean something else now.

I heard the news last night, late. Took a breath. First, disbelief. Then tears. Woke up Matthew and told him what had happened. He held me for a long time while I sobbed into his shoulder.

This morning I wanted to say something so amazing, so profound that it could encapsulate all of these feelings. I can’t make it happen. Besides, so many others are saying it so beautifully.

Here’s my favorite, from Carrie Brownstein: It feels like we lost something elemental, like an entire color is gone.


And if you haven’t seen it, go watch the Lazarus video. A final gift from a most outrageous and courageous artist.

And while you’re here, just want to note that I found the original source for that one quote/meme that’s going around:  If you’re ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”  It’s not Simon Pegg as I’d thought.  It’s Dean Podestá, and he wrote it before he knew of DB’s illness/death.





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