Oh, Pantheacon, My Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Oh, Pantheacon, My Best Friend and Worst Enemy February 10, 2016

It is very difficult for me to have my attention split in several directions.  A need for this, that, the other thing, taxes me greatly.

So that’s why I submitted three different proposals to Pantheacon for consideration, 2 of them things I’d never done before and 1 which is always super intense and demanding.

But then they accepted all three of the proposals.  And I said, “Oh, yes, thank you! I’d love to!”

And actually, I really do love all three of these things but it’s hard for me to process. I feel like I could spend the amount of time I’m spending on all of them on any one of them.  I’d like to, but I can only do what I can do!ma ribbons

On Friday night, I’m doing the Ritual of the Deep Well and the Great Heart, which is based on the work of the Deep Well~Great Heart Society.  The Society is in the business of creating Deep Wells which we then fill with water and prayers for compassion, kindness, healing.  Whenever any person is in need, they can make a Deep Well of their own, from which to draw the energy that’s being provided by others.  Of course, we will all have some to give and some to take over time.  It’s meant to be a gifting and re-gifting of these goodly virtues.

Saturday I have the day off.  Hooray!

Sunday at 9am, I’m presenting “Dirt-Heart Witch: Life and Death on the Farm”.  I get to use a projector!  With a clicky thing and everything!  I’ll be showing pics and talking about raising our own food, meat and vegetable, and how we connect to the spirits of the land through it all.

Then Sunday at 7pm, there’s the Ole Time Goodspell Feri Pagan Tent Revival!  Can I get a “blessed be”?  I knew I could.  The theme for this year is “Changes-Turn and Face the Strange”, which is a hard one, for sure, but it feels very good to be able to write and present on the Prophet David Bowie so soon after his passing.  I’m very excited about how the invocations, the homily, and the sermon all focus on aspects of the original modern rock-n-roll shapeshifter.  And of course, our John and Rose sing a balls-out version of “Changes” for our sing-along pleasure!

But writing is my greatest pleasure and the worst torture.  All the things I’m doing feel important and I want to do my best to get the ideas across well.  It’s exhausting and I’ve been wildly stressed for weeks.  But we now have nearly all our gear (the hymnal’s at the printer…remember to check on the hymnal!)  I have the requisite pile of clothing and shoes mounting. Bags and bags and bags of food and other consumables.

Okay, that’s it for me.  Not even a clever ending.

Just: I hope to see many of you in a few days!

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