Tracey Rowland on Beauty and Salvation

Tracey Rowland on Beauty and Salvation October 11, 2013
 The Perth-based Dawson Society hosted the John Paul II Institute’s Prof. Tracey Rowland, who gave a presentation entitled “What Did Dostoevsky Mean When He Said ‘Beauty Will Save the World'”.
The presentation looked not only at the idea of the salvific power of beauty, but also tied in the consideration of the beautiful with some of the categories of medieval Thomism, as well as the overall project of the Nouvelle Theologie, in particular Hans Urs von Balthasar, Romano Guardini and Joseph Ratzinger.
Highlights of the presentation include an overview of the Nouvelle Theologie’s attempt to reintegrate the Good, the True and the Beautiful, after their disintegration by both the Enlightenment and strands of Romanticism.
The presentation was recently turned into a podcast and is now available in full here.
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