A Recipe Against Overspirituality

A Recipe Against Overspirituality February 20, 2014

A recent conference on Pope Francis was held in downtown Chicago entitled New World Pope, and was organised by DePaul University’s Centre for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology in conjunction with the Department of Catholic Studies.

One paper, presented by Emanuele Colombo, mentioned the Pope’s caution against what can be called the “over-spiritualising” of things. He cites the example of the 16th century Doctor of the Church St. Teresa of Avila, who is also one of the Church’s most famous mystics. St. Teresa is said to have heard a sister who, in well-intentioned but nonetheless misguided attempt to show her holiness, tried to recount the spiritual meaning of a supposed dream or vision. It is said that Teresa got to the heart of the issue very quickly, turned to the cook and said “Give her a steak”.

On a related and somewhat lighter note, the blog Catholic Cuisine has posted a recipe for chicken stew with dumplings, made in honour of Teresa on her feast day, which falls on 15th October.

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