Free Theology PDFs from Syndicate Theology

Free Theology PDFs from Syndicate Theology February 7, 2016

The new theological project Syndicate Theology are slowly but surely attracting a growing list of avid readers. As they approach their second anniversary, Syndicate Theology have begun a special offer of their six most popular symposia in 2015, all in PDF format to readers who sign up for their weekly newsletter. Furthermore, Syndicate are offering readers refer their friends to the newsletter (using a unique link after signing up), where Syndicate offers a back issue of their print edition for each friend that signs up for the newsletter.
For the sake of full disclosure, the Divine Wedgie has made a written contribution to the symposium on John Milbank’s Beyond Secular Order, which can be accessed by clicking here, and with Matthew Tan’s contribution by clicking here
To take advantage of the free PDF offer, simply click here to sign up for their newsletter. 

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