Dark Moon and Lunar Eclipse Magick: Put Things In A New Light…Then, Protect Them

Dark Moon and Lunar Eclipse Magick: Put Things In A New Light…Then, Protect Them July 9, 2019

This July is full of crazy moons. Maybe because it’s the sign of Cancer and therefore, the moon will be as moody as its crab-children (and I can say this because I am one.) But we’ve got TWO dark moons this month, in addition to two eclipses.

Dark Moon and Eclipse Magick

The situation at the border keeps getting worse and climate change is becoming more obvious by the day. These are just two examples of the problems we are facing right now. Yet you, like me, probably have people in your lives who have found ways to explain it all away, or so furtively ignore the problem that you wonder how they can walk through this world with such blinders on and not run into something.

You’ve tried reasoning with them. It didn’t work.

It definitely didn’t help to have that drag-out fight with them on Facebook.

Now what?

It’s time for Magick.

Ask yourself: What do you want to shed light on? What do you want to look different? Are there causes you want seen in a different light? And what do you want to protect?

Use the Lunar Eclipse to call attention to a cause that is meaningful for you.

Lunar eclipses put the moon in a different light. Therefore, they have the potential to put anything in a different light. This month, (July 16) we have a lunar eclipse.

* Take a crystal or stone (something you find in the yard or park is fine), and place in a bowl of water and salt. Be careful with crystals as some, like selenite, dissolve in water.
* At some point while the moon is up and out (best if during the hours of the eclipse, but if you can’t, anytime is the moon is up and out is fine. Google search your area to find out when the eclipse will be happening in your time zone.) If at all possible, catch the reflection of the moon in the bowl of water, even if you’re unable to do this working during the actual eclipse, itself. (This is a trick I learned from Annwyn Avalon)
* After having catching the reflection (or attempted to do so), leave the bowl outside or on the windowsill for the rest of the night.
* The next morning, wrap an effigy about of the cause that needs attention (a photo, symbol, or even a print-out of an online article) around the stone and place in a jar of honey. Not only will this help put the cause in better light, it will also elicit sympathy for it (aka, “sweetening” it).

If you’re not sure what cause you want to support at the moment, you can always keep the stone and use this energy at another time:

On the Dark Moon

half moon

Dark Moons are very good for keeping work a secret. When there is no light, no one can see what you’re up to. Therefore, Dark Moon Magick is particularly secretive and protective. This month, we’ve had two Dark Moons which is quite unusual. The second Dark Moon take place on July 31, which some believe means it’s going to be extra powerful.

If you created an Eclipse talisman for a specific cause, consider burying it or wrapping it in black cloth to protect your endeavor. The intention could be to keep those who have “sweetened” to the cause to not turn back to their old views. It will also energetically protect the endeavor from future attack.

Good luck. We have sooo much work to do.

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