Like so many, I’ve felt anger, sad, horror, terror, powerlessness over the separation of families at the border. I’ve wanted to smash my computer with a brick. I’ve struggled to concentrate on work. The sounds of weeping babies stays in my ears.  I want it to stay. I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to normalize. I’m not alone. I shouldn’t say, “I feel powerless.” I should say, “We feel powerless.” Yet, we are not without power. An Irish friend… Read more

The Morrigan has a sense of humor–one that is sick, twisted and kind of mean. Who would expect otherwise? Read more

As a Witch, nothing is ever just a “thing.” A scrub brush can quickly become a wand. Soapy water becomes a brew. Angry thoughts become spells. Read more

“When will you spend a day with Me?” She’d kept asking. Things like work and travel schedules, family obligations, and occasionally having a date with my husband were likely strange to Her immortal ears. She wanted me all to Herself for a day. She must not have known how difficult that was for a modern, over-scheduled person like me. Perhaps She did and didn’t care. I didn’t know how I would do it–offer an entire day to a Goddess–but the opportunity blossomed…. Read more

The old spell was wedged between dried corsages and yet another envelope of prom photos; its vehicle a crumpled old lunch bag containing four torn slips of paper. Read more

Oh…”evil.” Back again? Today was weird. Here’s the synopsis (courtesy of a Tweet I wrote this morning). Hahahahahahahahahahha. I’m so clever and awesome. Look at how much I’ve grown over the years! Look at how nicely I handled that! Look at my clever Tweet and all the love that came with it! (Thanks for that, all, by the way….) Yeah. It happened to me today. Again. Yes, I get strange emails offering me salvation if I would take down my… Read more

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