August 2, 2016

We experienced a tragedy in our house the other week.  Our beautiful white laying hen crowed. We weren’t sure what we were hearing at first.  The sound was hoarse and pubescent, nothing like the lusty, swaggering cock-a-doodle-doo of the big boys. But it grew louder each day until there was no way we could pretend we didn’t hear anything.  He crowed in the coop when I opened the doors.  He crowed on the lawn.  He crowed to wake the dead and–what’s… Read more

July 28, 2016

Friends, The Doxology Project is moving to! Patheos is a large website dedicated to hosting the conversation on faith.  You’ll find bloggers and news from many faith traditions and none.  I’m setting up shop on the Evangelical Channel of Patheos. The idea is that Patheos will open The Doxology Project up to a broader, global audience.  And I get paid for page views, which is a perk! You’ll notice a few things will be different, but you’ll still be… Read more

July 14, 2016

We’ve been harvesting chamomile flowers.  The slender stems slide between our fingers. We pop their citrine heads free and dry them in a tray.  A couple of plants supply us with enough flowers for a year of yellow tea. There’s a lot of good stuff in chamomile.  It’s supposed to relax you, making it a lovely tea to drink on a cold winter evening.  And it can help with digestion and stomach issues, though it may also be linked to… Read more

July 7, 2016

Even the sparrow finds a home, And the swallow a nest for herself, Where she may lay her young, At your altars, O Lord of hosts, My King and my God. – Psalm 84:3 A pair of orioles is raising their brood in a nest slung from a branch behind our house.  They’re fast flecks of orange, bursts of yellow and black.  They snatch caterpillars and moths and little flying somethings and return to delicately lean down, balanced on the… Read more

June 29, 2016

When’s the last time you looked down as you walked the streets of Moundridge?  Did you notice the manhole covers?  According to their stamps, they were forged in foundries near and abroad.  I’ve spotted Oklahoma, Indiana, Hutchinson, KS and strangely enough: India. That’s right: India–as in the Asian nation with a billion people.  We get at least some of our manhole and water meter covers from India. Apparently Moundridge isn’t the only city to use iron covers from India.  New York… Read more

June 24, 2016

My greatest fear is living a life that doesn’t count for something. (OK, I’m also afraid of bad things happening to my children, Zika virus, and large, hairy spiders–but that’s another story).  I’m afraid of living a life that doesn’t matter, that amounts to a shrug at my funeral.  I’m afraid of  counting for nothing. If you’re anything like me, when you graduated from some place, some time (it doesn’t matter where or when), they told you to go out… Read more

June 3, 2016

We can be happy. God has invited us. Read more

May 27, 2016

God’s not interested in making us go-fers. God wants us to become lovers. Read more

May 13, 2016

Spring’s beauty invites us to love and long for God. Read more

May 5, 2016

Life offered to God does not depend on greatness Read more

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