The family has always been the core of our society, so finding ways to reinforce its links would be an excellent time investment. Just recently I’ve seen some T.V programs that depict the big gap between parents and their children. I was amazed to see small children not teenagers behaving in terrible ways. I asked myself. Why do they show such a great rebellious state?What happens in these children’s minds? Why is this ocurring ? What’s missing in their lives? Why have they become their parents executioners? Are their parents the ones to blame? Has physical contact had enough times? How the eye contact been? Has there been congruency regarding what parents say with their actions?

What’s missing? What’s need to be done?Has sincerity and honesty been the common factor values of these families?

If there’s usually a great affinity between grandparents with their grandchildren shouldn’t there been more opened communication betwen them? Will parents agree?Just being married my wife and I were sure that it is the children that adopt their parents, in a spiritual sense, and not us, parents who adopt our children. We both discoverd after having four children that some children have more affinity with one of the spouses, so he/she would be the one to facilatate this so needeed communication. The most difficult profession for any human being is becoming a parent. This is our great challenge. If our children chose us then it means we have the wisdom to help them in their productive lives.

Every day our world is filled with many more temptations. The viorment sometimes becomes the foe instead of the friend. We’d rather use our mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual abilities to help our children because before contribution to the wellfare of our society w e have the golden opportunity to help our soul mates desgusied as our own sons and daughters.

I expect that the year 2,009 will become a year very successful about achieving the so needed family harmonious integration.

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