Carty’s Contemporary Classics 31: Grand Canyon Jump, Basketball Diaries & God’s Mercy

Carty’s Contemporary Classics 31: Grand Canyon Jump, Basketball Diaries & God’s Mercy March 7, 2014

We tend to gauge who gets into heaven similarly to hitting in major league baseball.  No one even hopes to bat a 1.000 batting average because it’s impossible.  So, since it’s impossible, the standard for who is “good”, who is “great” and who is “horrible” is simply based on whoever has the higher or lower batting averages.  So, if you’re much, MUCH better than everyone else, you bust be alright.

But that’s not Biblical.

Or try this word picture:  Only 10’s go to heaven.  In order to get there, each of us needs to run and jump across the Grand Canyon where God awaits on the other side.

Mother Teresa – the greatest “long jumper” to have ever lived – flies through the air 40 feet!  Much longer than you or I could ever imagine jumping.  Yet where’s she end up?  In the Colorado River below with the rest of us.

Now, Jesus is about to jump and He has a backpack just the right size for you to fit.  Do you believe He’ll make it while giving you a piggyback ride?  Do you believe you’re worthy for Him to carry you?  Are you humble enough to ask Him for a ride?  Are you too proud and think you can find your own way across?

You see, repentance is merely agreeing that I don’t have the capacity within me to stand before a Holy God and be okay.  He’s perfect and I am certainly not.  And unless I am, I can’t stand in front of Him, unless Christ is standing there with me.

God has never made a mistake, but each of us has.  Why are we so apt to avoid trusting in ourselves before we’ll ever trust in God?  Even if we appear to have everything in life together – career, admiration of others, the perfect house, the perfect car… we won’t have what matters without God’s perfect mercy: a secured eternity with Him!

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