The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 40: David Pendleton

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 40: David Pendleton March 14, 2014

Comedian / Ventriloquist David Pendleton’s favorite stage bit involves his puppet, Mack Elroy. It works as a type of “escape” for David since it involves bringing up a kit – eight or nine years old – to the stage from the audience.

Mack then tells the child volunteer that he will read the kid’s mind. With his head turned around and a bag covering Mack’s head, the child will pick an object from the audience and hold it high in the air.

Then, Mack turn his head back, peeks through a hole in the bag, and gets caught by the child. The kid then almost always moves the object around to prevent the puppet from “seeing” the object.

Amazingly, Mack guesses the object correctly! Yet, when David asks the child if they are blown away, the kid always replies with a disgusted, “No!”

The kid is disappointed in Mack’s supposed psychic abilities since the puppet was so obviously peeking through the hole in the bag. And the kid almost always scolds the puppet for cheating!

You can see a recording of the bit here:

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