The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 42: Stephen B

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 42: Stephen B March 19, 2014

Comedian Stephen B calls into the show to discuss the unintended consequences of weight loss.  When he was heavier, he used to be able to go outside in freezing temperatures with only a t-shirt on and still sweat like Bill Clinton at a Promise Keepers Rally.  But now, even while in the cozy indoors, he’s bundled up like an Inuit on an ice float.

In the weight loss commercials they never warn you of  your impending need for blankets, coats and space heaters.

Getting older isn’t much fun, either.  Stephen never had any reason to worry about “sleep related injuries” until now.  These days, even getting out of bed resembles devout prayer on his knees due to the beating that time alone is taking on his joints.

But what’s most irritating about growing older is the fear of becoming our fathers.  For instance, Stephen’s dad used to get so irritated at bad drivers.  But today, Stephen B takes it a step further:

“To all of my Christian brothers and sisters out there – I implore you – if you know that you are a bad driver, please take the fish off of your car!  You’re making the team look bad!”

You see, Stephen B grew up and learned to drive in New Jersey, which is much different than California where he lives now.  He’s blown away by the onramp signals and other “Nanny-State” controls along the Golden State’s freeways.  Before you know it, there will be guiderails in each lane and we’ll all drive like six-year-olds on Disneyland’s Autopia.

Forget it.  Walking just might be better.  Just be sure to pack a coat.

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