The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 49: Horsemeat, Tim Hawkins & Zan

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 49: Horsemeat, Tim Hawkins & Zan April 16, 2014

According to the U.K., Telegraph, a horsemeat scandal is sweeping the land.  Dutch food authorities recalled 24,000 pounds of horsemeat that was intended to be sold as beef.  Unfortunately, they didn’t get it all.  Much of the meat had already hit the market and was consumed.

How do you recall already eaten horsemeat?

The Dutch people – typically easy going in general – were outraged!  They nearly triple blinked with fury!!

Now, what if a company chose to embrace this horsemeat situation?  They could name their zestful meat “Frozen Phillies from the Trojan Horse Company”.

They could market such equine themed meals as:  The Black Stalliononi, The Linguini Whisperer, Sea Biscuit with Biscuits, or Bronco Jerky.

Switching gears, comedian and actor Tim Hawkins calls into the show and reveals that unlike many comics, he’s typically quite reserved.  Instead of being the “Life of the party”, he’s often the guy in the back of the room, merely observing everyone else, slyly thinking, “Oh yeah, I can make that person’s faux pas work on stage!”

Tim has a new Greatest Hits/Greatest Bits project out that was truly a labor of love.  It’s filled with his amazing stand up routines as well as comedic songs and music videos that will make you cry laughing!

Tim is also breaking into Hollywood, in the film “Mercy Rule” alongside Kirk Cameron.  Along with his radio show and upcoming book, Tim is hitting virtually every mass communication medium in North America.

All that’s left is teaching water aerobics to octogenarians.

You can track all of Tim’s work at

Lastly, comedian Zan calls in to talk about her unique name, her unique beginnings as a comic and her unique brand of comedy.

As a baby of her family, triathalete and self-described Amazon, there’s very little Zan can’t do… if only she weren’t so pretty.

Zan also shares her amazing story of riding in an elevator with a guy who was desperately trying to find out how to date attractive women.  According to the “How To Date Attractive Women” conference he was attending, it all begins with the jeans.  And, according to the guy’s reaction to Zan, it all ends with cartoon feet running out of an elevator without actually touching the ground.

You can here more from Zan at

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