The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 50: Bacon, Isaac Witty & Darren Marlar

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 50: Bacon, Isaac Witty & Darren Marlar April 18, 2014

This week’s show begins with a love letter to bacon.

This stems from a recent headline that read, “If You Read This Story About Bacon, You Will Never Eat Bacon Again!”  I mean, really, what kind of monster is the writer who would misuse their God-given talents tot destroy the happiness of so many innocent bacon lovers?!  Are health writers out of their minds?!?!

These are the same people who destroy the dreams and imaginations of children by telling them rotten behind-the-scenes tales of puppet shows.

Their fundamental flaw is that they try to appeal to bacon lovers’ desire for self-preservation.  I mean, does anyone really believe that bacon is nutritious?

We don’t eat bacon because it’s healthy.  We eat it because it makes our taste buds sing like angels and confetti burst from our mouths in glorious celebration.

All this to say, another recent article reported that most comedians border on psychosis.  And because of this unique wiring, we are able to come up with our off the wall and humorous observations.

Similar to putting bacon on salad:  telling jokes is like the healthy salad and the comedian’s psychotic personality is like the toxic bacon.  Together, people in general love them.

But, if they really want to dissuade us bacon lovers from eating this bona fide gift from the Almighty, they need to go nuclear on us.  Something in the same league as:  Don’t eat bacon.  It will ruin the taste of donuts!

Someone with good taste (as opposed to tasting good) is one of my favorite people, Comedian Isaac Witty.

Isaac called in to discuss the life of a stand up comedian in the 21st century, when you could be performing on Letterman, or in front of 4,000 fans howling in laughter one night, and a kindergarten fundraiser the next.

Isaac also shares some Christmas stories, including one from last Christmas when it was his turn to play Santa at the family gathering.  So, there’s Isaac up on the roof, stomping around in his red and white suite, when he suddenly realized that his hometown of Tulsa had just been hit with one of the region’s worst ice storms.  The roof was so slippery that instead of looking like Jolly Ole St. Nick, he looked like “Super Cautious Santa Claus” up on the roof.

“Merry Christmas!  I’m just gonna stand here… for now.”  Then he just crouched down and crawled away, like any Super Cautious Santa would.

Isaac’s also been hitting the gym and working out more this year.  But instead of hiring a personal trainer to help spur on his workouts, he hired a physical therapist.  He obviously didn’t take into consideration the difference between the two.  Instead of benchpresses and burpies, the guy just wants him to squeeze a little rubber ball and take three steps at a time while holding a metal rail.  The good news is that he can walk just as well as anyone else who hasn’t suffered a debilitating accident.

You can hear more from Issac and see some of his sketches from his new comedy team, The Turkeys at

Finally, comedian Darren Marlar joins the show to talk about his new TV project, “Rock and a Hard Place”.  It’s a new, family friendly and faith friendly sitcom that’s in pre-production.  The show centers around a small town pastor of a struggling church (Stephen Baldwin) who unexpectedly inherits the bar located directly across the street from his church, which immediately puts him between a Rock and a Hard Place”.  Darren is the creator, producer and writer – though if he had his way, he’d also have the starring role (those Baldwins have all the luck!).  The show also features  John Schlitt, the former lead singer of Petra, who plays the wise church janitor; Braxton Cosby (Bill Cosby’s nephew) who plays the church worship leader; and of course Darren himself.  To learn more and even get involved in the show, check out

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