Church for Men 19: Can A Man Love God but Hate Going to Church?

Church for Men 19: Can A Man Love God but Hate Going to Church? June 10, 2014

I’m noticing a growing trend – Christian men quietly admitting they do not like going to church.

More than half of the committed Christian men I talk to, when asked, will tell me they do not like churchgoing.

They come to me after I speak. They admit their dissatisfaction in hushed tones.

They love God – but hate going to church.

These are not malcontents who’d rather be golfing on Sunday. These are the good guys. Guys who’ve left much behind to follow Jesus. Guys who love their wives and kids. Many are deacons and elders. Some teach Sunday school.

Some are even pastors. Some are nationally known Christian leaders. If I shared their names you’d be shocked.

Most of these men are faithful churchgoers – yet they freely admit they don’t get much from it.

Most are longtime churchgoers who are simply tired of the routine. The act of churchgoing – going to a building, singing songs, hearing a sermon, eating the cracker and drinking the juice, dropping the check into the plate, socializing and heading back to the car – is leaving them particularly dry. They see church as ineffective, focused on the wrong things, or hypocritical.

Sometimes quality is the issue – but not always. Many of these restless men attend dynamic churches with fantastic preaching and music. They have good friends in the church. In fact one man said, “I absolutely love my church. I just don’t like going to it.”

Furthermore, these men sense that God has more for them – but they can’t seem to find what they’re looking for within the existing structures of church.

So what’s going on here? Is this a trend, or am I just hearing these complaints because I wrote a book titled, “Why Men Hate Going to Church?”

And how about you? Are you a person who loves God but hates going to church? Would you like an alternative to the Sunday morning “God show?”


In John chapter 14, Jesus said something outrageous:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.”

Say what? We will do greater things than Jesus?

Yes we can. In fact, we already do.

You say, “David, what are you talking about? Jesus raised the dead and healed the sick!”

Yes he did. And every day, Christian-chartered hospitals around the globe heal thousands, and even bring a few back from the dead.

You say, “Jesus fed five thousand.”

Yes he did. And every day, Christian relief organizations feed millions.

You say, “Jesus preached truth to multitudes.”

Yes he did. And every year, Christian churches proclaim eternal truth to billions.

You say, “Jesus commanded the forces of nature.”

Yes he did. And every year, scientists unlock the secrets of nature at universities that were chartered as Christian institutions.

You say, “Jesus befriended the lowly.”

Yes he did. And every day Christian organizations such as Salvation Army help people in desperate straits get their lives together. Prison ministers care for the incarcerated. Chaplains comfort the sick and dying.

Taking in strangers? Habitat for Humanity. Clothing the naked? Samaritan’s Purse. Casting out demons? Counseling and prayer ministries.

Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did. This scripture has been fulfilled in our time.

Best of all, Jesus wants you in on the action. He wants to work through you to accomplish greater things than He did.

Miracles still happen. This year, volunteer in your local church or parachurch organization. See what God can do through you.

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