The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 58: Toddler Tech Support, Matt Jernigan & Phil diTommaso

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 58: Toddler Tech Support, Matt Jernigan & Phil diTommaso June 23, 2014

From CBS Atlanta:  Preschoolers are better at figuring out tech gadgets than college students.  In a recent study performed at UC Berkeley tasked 106 children ages 4-5 against 170 college students with figuring out a new technical gadget with which each individual had no prior exposure to.  Ultimately, the younger children were much faster at figuring out the combinations and how to work the devices.  These results raise the questions, “What makes children such flexible learners?  Are they just free from the preconceptions that adults have, or are they fundamentally more flexible or exploratory in how they see the world?”

But how are we to know that these results are legit, since it’s basically college students grading other college students and pranking them against their younger siblings?

Or, imagine a day when our tech support phone calls get routed to three-year-olds instead of India.  The bright side is that we could pay them in gummy bears.

Then, comedian Matt Jernigan calls into the show to discuss the woes of traveling.  Especially eating fast food non-stop.  Matt’s guilty pleasure is Taco Bell (though he needs to clear out his entire schedule for any evening after eating Taco Bell).  Now, they’ve introduced their “Fruitista” – a fruit smoothie from Taco Bell?  Who ever thought of combining blended fruit with corn, cheese and beans – the staple of “the Bell”?  Sounds like a potentially explosive concoction!

Or consider the international standard for fast food – McDonalds!  Have you noticed that they have a sign in the drive thru that says “Picture Menus Available at Window”?  As if we don’t feel dumb enough already?  They’re apparently for people who can’t read.  Now, let me get this straight… they’ve got a sign – A SIGN WITH WORDS ON IT – with a message for people who can’t read.  Forgive me for laughing.  We all know there’s nothing funny about people who can’t read.  (I just hope none of them see this blog post.)

And finally, we talk with stand up comic Phil diTommaso.  Phil doesn’t understand why the baristas at Starbucks are so obsessed with writing our names on our coffee cups.  Can’t they just hand over a cup of coffee?  Are they writing a biography on each of us?

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Phil made the logical progression that any second generation Italian in Brooklyn would make – from his Old Country roots, to the mafia, to Christianity.  Now, he just kills people with love.

Phil started dreaming of a career in comedy when he was just 16-years-old.  But stage fright kept him from actually taking the stage for ten years.  His first appearance at the Improv at Times Square was a three-minute set that felt like three hours!  But he got one laugh, and that’s all it took for him to catch the bug.

Phil tends to follow the advice of Jerry Seinfeld:  Just be yourself, because that’s who’s funny.  So, on stage he simply talks about things in his life, and as his life has progressed, so has his act:  from his upbringing to his marriage, to parenting and now to today’s technology.

For instance, drivers are not allowed to text in New York, but they are in Florida.  Forgetting this while driving in the Empire State, Phil got pulled over not long ago.  Trying in vain to come up with an excuse, he told the officer, “I’m sorry, but my phone was on fire, and I had no choice but to put it out with my thumbs!  Surely you can understand.”

He didn’t buy it.

This wasn’t anywhere near as pleasant of an experience than what he had when he was driving the Florida turnpike in a rented Camaro.

When the state trooper pulled him over, Phil quickly explained, “Look, I’m a comedian.  I just got back from a show.  I have a wife, three kids, a house and I drive a mini-van.  I’m just driving this rental and having a little fun.”

The trooper replied, “I feel sorry for you.  Go ahead.”  And he let him go!

You see, honesty pays.  (so does carrying Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards in your glove box).

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