An Examined Life with Jeff Allen 13: Keith Alberstadt

An Examined Life with Jeff Allen 13: Keith Alberstadt August 18, 2014


In addition to being one of the funniest comics going today, Keith is also an educated man – a Vanderbilt graduate, nonetheless.  In fact, while at Vanderbilt he was the Erin Andrews of his time, working as a sideline reporter during Vandy football games (not an easy gig for an “academic” school in the SEC)

As a comic, Keith has appeared on the David Letterman show not once, but twice!  Which brings, between the two of us the number of Letterman appearances to two.

Imagine how successful he might be if he took a booker’s advice and changed his name to something a little more interesting.  For instance, he’s been introduced as Keith Albercrap… Allstarbat… Monistat… Applesnatch… and every once in a while, Alberstadt.

Really, it’s just laziness.  People see a name with ten letters and just bail.  Then again, with the current conditions of our educational system, people won’t be able to even sound out his name in ten years.  Remember “Hooked On Phonics”?  As Keith puts it, we’re headed to a culture of text abbreviations and emoticons instead of true writing and literature before too long.  But more than a changing and weakening education system, our problems stem more from pure laziness. No one even corrects anyone anymore.  “They’re, there, and their” go flippantly misused and no one throws out a grammatical yellow card anymore.

And it’s not just in the classroom.  This abandonment of correct grammar and spelling has encroached into the business world as well.  Just recently, I saw a sign at Wal-Mart that read “Creeps For Sale”.

But, in all seriousness, the highlights of Keith’s life doesn’t come from criticizing Wal-Mart managers or even appearing on Letterman, but offering any sort of support he can to our military personnel.  He’s constantly amazed that they are thankful for his time when he goes overseas to perform for them, when really we are the ones who should be so thankful to their service.

Now, for the past six years, Keith has also “worked” as a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live.  He simply submits ten jokes each production week and collects a check whenever they use his lines.  There’s nothing quite like tuning in on Saturday Night and hearing your own words coming back to you from Seth Meyers!

We also talk Vegas security, counting cards, and literally getting tossed out of a casino, and getting pulled over for not driving dunk (but not in that particular order).

In fact, one time, Keith got pulled over for weaving.  He quickly replied, “I’m not weaving – that’s Rogaine!”

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