The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 69: Night Light Makes You Fat, John Crist & Brad Todd

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 69: Night Light Makes You Fat, John Crist & Brad Todd September 16, 2014


From the UK Mail Online:  A study has shown that sleeping with the light on causes obesity.  A poor set of curtains may not only make you wake up too early, but they could make you fat.  Nope, it’s not a food thing, apparently it’s too much light in the room while you slumber.  Greater exposure to light at night raised both body mass index and waste size in more than 113,000 women taking part in the British study.

The Breakthrough Generations Study followed the women for 40 years in an attempt to identify root causes of breast cancer. Obesity is a known risk factor for the disease.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, from The Institute of Cancer Research in London, said:

‘We cannot yet tell at this stage what the reason for the associations is, but the results open up an interesting direction for research.’

Now, when you think about it, how accurate can this study be?  i mean, is it ever really sunny or bright outside… in England?

Then, comedian John Crist melancholily calls in on the “punch-line” to talk about people who ask you for money.  It seems to John that someone’s asking him for a buck every single place that he goes.  I mean, giving to churches or local charities is a given, but it’s gotten to the point where his last safe haven – fast food restaurants – have been infiltrated:

“… would you like fries with that?”

“… for here or to go?”

“… sir, would you like to help at-risk youths with a dollar donation?”

I mean… slow down!  The height of my decision making is whether to get a McChicken or a McDouble at this moment.  I’m not prepared to decide whether or not to save children’s lives!  And really, is the group of people who order off the dollar menu the key demographic who are interested in philanthropy?

Then there’s Chipotle.  Instead of asking for a whole dollar donation, they simply ask if you’d be willing to round up your purchase to the nearest buck and give the change to charity.

True story:  John’s total at Chipotle came to a whopping $7.98.  With a straight face, the Chipotle girl asked if he’d be willing to donate two cents to help the children.  John looked over his shoulder and replied, “Nah… not this time.  But you can give me some extra guacamole on my burrito.”

John Crist:  The worst person on planet earth!

And finally, comedian Brad Todd joins the show – always ready with a joke on the tip of his tongue.  Even as a teenager, when all his buddies wanted to be professional baseball players, he dreamed of telling jokes for a living.  It only took a mere twenty years before he took the stage at a karaoke bar.  It was a tough road in Scranton, but the one less traveled was the one that led to his success.  Today, his wife and three kids are his biggest fans (and biggest critics).  When he performed his first church gig, his then three-year-old heckled him from the crowd (and upstaged him at the same time).

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