The Summit Lecture Series: Intelligent Design with Sean McDowell, part 2

The Summit Lecture Series: Intelligent Design with Sean McDowell, part 2 September 16, 2014

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It’s important to have a firm grasp not only on what we believe, but also why we believe it. The Bible tells us to love God with all our heart, soul and strength… but it also says we need to love Him with all our mind.

This often becomes problematic when college professors or other people present their seemingly logical arguments against intelligent design, or for atheism, or other worldviews.
This is what happened to renown Harvard Evolutionary Biology professor E.O. Wilson. He has been quoted as saying:
“When I was fifteen, I entered the Southern Baptist church with great fervor and interest in the fundamental religion. I left at seventeen when when I got to attend the University of Alabama and heard about evolutionary theory.”
So, why not just say, “Evolution is true, and God has used evolution”? Why don’t we Christians just stop arguing and embrace “science”, accept evolution and simply add God on top of it?
The reason is because evolution is not just a scientific theory.
Evolution has become an ideology vying for the hearts and minds of the millennial generation. It has become the basis of a worldview that is in direct conflict with Christianity.
As Dinesh D’Souza said:
“We have Darwinism, but not Keplerism; we encounter Darwinists but no one describes himself as an Einsteinian. Darwinism has become an ideology.”
But don’t just take the words of think tank leaders and academics, consider the words of an everyday student:
“I have also been inundated with evolutionary theory… Oh my gosh, it’s EVERYWHERE!!! My psychology, my biology class (of course)…”
You see, if Darwinism was just a scientific idea, shouldn’t it be kept inside the science class?
One of the “four horsemen of the new atheists”, Daniel Dennett laid out the reasons why when he basically said that Christians who indoctrinate their children ought to be locked up like animals and put in cages. But more to the point, he said that “Darwinism is a universal acid”. Now, first of all, consider what acid does: it corrodes and eats away essentially everything in its way. This is why we have books like Why We Get Sick, the New Science of Darwinian Medicine by Randolph Neese and George Williams and Economics as an Evolutionary Science from Utility to Fitness by Gandolfi, Gandolfi and Barash; or Evolutionary Jurisprudence; Religion Explained; or Literary Darwinism. I’m not kidding, it’s pervasive to the nth degree.
Finally, consider New York Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to ban extra-large sodas from fast food and convenience stores. In one article, Harvard professor of evolutionary biology Daniel Lieberman wrote to “ban jumbo soft drinks on the grounds that we have evolved to need coercion.” According to Lieberman, “The obesity epidemic has many dimensions, but at heart, it’s a biological problem. An evolutionary perspective explains why 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese and what to do about it. Lessons from evolutionary biology support the mayor’s plan. When it comes to limiting sugar in our food, some kinds of coercive action are not only necessary, but also consistent with how we used to live and how we have evolved.”
So why are we obese? Why do we need the government to step in and limit our sugar intake? “Experts” like Lieberman say it’s because of our evolutionary background.
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