Christian Home & Family Podcast: 30 Day Bible Saturation

Christian Home & Family Podcast: 30 Day Bible Saturation January 8, 2015

Christian Home and Family

From Carey Green, author, blogger, speaker, coach and pastor:

About a year and a half ago, my oldest daughter came back from college, telling me about this Bible study method that one of her professors taught her. I wouldn’t call it exactly a Bible Study method, I would call it like a, devotional method. It really makes sense to me, and what it is is this-  I call it The 30 Day Bible Study Saturation.

You take 30 days, of reading the same Bible book, from front to end, the entire book, for the entire 30 days, once a day.

For instance, I’m taking 1 John right now, and I’m getting so much out of it! Now what happens is, you read from verse one, chapter one, all the way to the last of the book, every single day.  You can do it at whatever speed you like, you can take notes if you like, but what you’re trying to do, is to get the feel for the entire book. You’re trying to get a feel for the context, You’re trying to get a feel for the big points that the writer is making.

What I suggest you do, is to pray, every day, before you read that book, “Lord, show me what You are saying through this book. Show me what it is that You want me to learn and apply to my life.”

For example, you might want to choose a book that is one that you know deals with themes that you’re needing to work on in your own spiritual life. For example, in my life, I knew I needed to work on the issue of love. I knew I needed to learn what it means to really love other people, and what it means to love other people as God does. And, I knew 1 John had a lot to say on that subject, so I dove into 1 John, beginning on the first of the month. And I’ve been reading the entire book, from chapter one, verse one, all the way to the end every day.

You see what happens is, the main themes, and the feel, for the apostle’s hearts starts to come out as you study it. That’s it, that’s a 30 Day Bible Saturation Method.

Now, obviously, you’ll need to select books of the Bible that are shorter in length.  However, if you’d like, you can do just a single Psalm or a single chapter from Proverbs, reading the same one every day, letting the themes and truths that are contained in that passage soak into your soul over the course of those thirty days.

It would also be helpful if you did it with a partner – your spouse or close friend – and discuss it together.

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