Encountering & Experiencing A Healing God – Feb. 25, 2015 @ 11:00 PST

Encountering & Experiencing A Healing God – Feb. 25, 2015 @ 11:00 PST February 19, 2015

On February 25th, we are hosting our very first live webcast, starting at 11 o’clock Pacific time. Our webcast will feature four of the most prominent podcasters on the e-squared media network in regards to encountering and experiencing a God who really heals in the 21st-century. We read in the Bible time and time again where people were healed from various diseases and conditions through God’s work. We also see situations where people cried out in prayer and God healed their land from famine, or from the consequences of their bad decisions… but what does this really look like in the 21st-century? We have four amazing podcasters who will eagerly tackle this question.

We have Dixie Diamanti, whose podcast “Reflections of Grace” talks about what it looks like when God heals families. In other words, when a family is completely and totally broken from spiritual woundedness, physical abuse, or even molestation, or suffering the consequences of addiction or violence… what does it look like within a family dynamic when that broken household is put in God’s hands and He intervenes and we are able to experience God’s healing within in our home.

We will also have pastor Dewey Bertolini from McMinnville, Oregon and he will share what it looks like when God heals the church. His podcast, Jesus in HD, is all about getting back to the nitty-gritty and really understanding Jesus – who He is, how He lived, what He taught, what He did, how He viewed people who were hurting… culminating in how He can make an impact in our lives today. This “getting back to the basics” is what he believes the church needs to do, so we’ll dive into that with Dewey and see what does it really mean to get back to an understanding of who Jesus is – especially for today’s church.

We’ll then move over to Suzanne Lederer, she will be live here in our studio, and Suzanne’s podcast – Experience God – is all about connecting with God on a very personal, emotional and day-to-day basis. We’re going to talk with Suzanne regarding what it means to really experience God and what it means to connect with God in ways that go way beyond just the cerebral and merely reading and comprehending on the intellectual level, but truly as a whole person connecting with and experiencing God. What does that really look like?

Finally, we will wrap up the show with comedy legend Jeff Allen. Now, while Jeff makes people laugh from stages all around the world, his podcast, An Examined Life, is actually driven by very serious topics. Jeff’s story goes way back to his days when he was living all for himself. His moral compass pointed solely and directly at him. He was battling drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other inner demons that led to the most regrettable season of his life. And yet, through recovery… through allowing God to be the KEY to his recovery, Jeff has turned a complete 180 and he is seeing the world in a completely new light and is now not only bringing laughter to his audiences, he is now also preaching the Gospel all over the world and letting people know that God wants to be involved in their lives.

Finally, here’s the cool thing about this webcast! You get to be involved in the webcast. I will be hosting and chatting with our different guests, but through our chat window on the webcast itself and via our Twitter handle, @e2medianetwork, YOU get to ask questions of our guess is well. So we encourage you to register for the webcast today, go to e2medianetwork.com, and then on the morning of webcast, be a part of the show by tweeting in and chatting in your questions.

This is webcast one of five total live webcasts we’re gonna do throughout the year. We’re really excited about launching these webcasts about encountering and experiencing God on many different levels, and we want you to be part of it.

Click on the link, get registered, and we will see you on February 25th!

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