Reflections of Grace 69: The Sea of Me – A Story of Gratitude

Reflections of Grace 69: The Sea of Me – A Story of Gratitude February 19, 2015

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From Certified Life Coach Dixie Diamanti, Author of Climbing Out of the Box and Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover:

I have come to know you, my audience, as my friends. I have allowed myself to share my heart with you in my most intimate places. For I know that true transparencies bring true continued healing and restoration in not only myself but in you.

So, today, I just want to share a heart of thanksgiving with you that sometimes is hard to contain. As you know I am a Life Purpose Coach. But I do not write this as a ploy to get more clients. I write this out of a desire to share the wonderful joy that I have overflowing in my heart at changed lives.

Because of the confidentiality and bonding that happens in such a transparent relationship of Life Coaching, you don’t get to share details of the glorious work of God that often. Life purpose coaching is a time of traveling for a while with someone on their journey, allowing Holy Spirit to bring those things out that need to be healed or exposed so the person can move forward unstuck; into God’s perfect plan for them.

I get to assist the Holy Spirit while He changes lives!!

I always explain to my clients that I am just the person running alongside them on the sidelines; doing cartwheels, waving flags, and shouting “You can do this.” But they are the ones who actually do the work. Can you see the picture?

Coaching is what YOU make it.   When you make the decision to sign up for coaching, you are ready for finally letting go of your own ways and surrendering to God and allowing Him to open doors you never even imagined or walked in before. It is a wonderful and amazing thing to do for yourself. When someone is ready for Life Coaching, they are ready for God to do a new thing and discover answers to questions they may have had their whole life.

Life coaching guides you into clarity and fulfillment in your life by discovering what you were always meant to do through examining your life’s experiences, good and bad. Coaching will help you if you are blocked, stuck, or blinded by circumstances, yet are committed to moving forward responsibly.

I always tell my clients that you can’t take one step towards God that He doesn’t take 5 towards you.

Almost from the first day with someone I get to see changes in them that absolutely thrill my soul. I feel like I get an inside seat to watch the heart of God at work. What a privilege!!

It has been an absolute joy to get to assist the Holy Spirit while He changes the lives of those willing to take that step of faith.   Week after week, after appointments, the minute I hang up the phone or close the door, I get to dance with Jesus in excitement over the joy in faces that show new awakening, and for new life emerging from the past in all of its complexities.   I watch giftings and talents uncovered, new adventures beginning, freedom from old strongholds and generational patterns, a new awareness that Jesus is a very real lover of their souls, and a newfound love of His constant companionship.

I get to do this!!

I praise Him with all my heart for choosing me to get to walk hundreds of journeys with His children and to have a first row seat to watch it all unfold in His perfectness.

Many times I have wished I could just share everything I have experienced with everyone I meet because I get so excited at the awesomeness of what He does in personal lives. He and I rejoice together and I feel Him smile at me when I get so excited and He is the only one I can tell everything to.

It humbles me beyond words.   For so many years I felt like God used everyone but me.   I always felt like an impostor. It took a while (my whole life to this point, actually), for Him to bring me around to see my own gifts and callings. It took many more years of pain and healing to finally get to this point of finding what He was preparing me for all along.

I have been through many horrible years of childhood incest, spiritual abuse, divorce, my own child being molested, poverty mentality, extreme loss, wrongful thinking, and 5 years in the desert to finally find who I really am. I guess that is why I know that He is no respecter of persons and all it takes is a willing heart and sometimes someone to guide us into the right path. His desire is to bring us all to that place of knowing we are walking in His will.

Learning to trust Him in what He has called me to do; I can now see how all of my trials led me to this place. He knows what to do with us and what we need to open our eyes to His reality and not our own.

Joy and excitement jumps within me each and every time someone I have been assigned to have their eyes opened to how deeply and completely they are loved by Jesus and as I watch a deep relationship formed between the two of them, I marvel at His goodness.

Sometimes a client is so excited in their newfound freedom they desire to share it with the world.

So, I want to introduce Donna, a client I am actually still working with but she has given me permission and says she would be honored if I would share her story in a recent poem she wrote.   She recently shared this poem at a convention, and when she was done the tears flowed freely among herself and many attending, as they could relate to her story of pain and then hope.   There is so much I would like to say about Donna, but I am always mindful that it can only be shared in all of its completeness by her.

It is her story.

The Sea of Me by Donna

One day I decided to go down to the sea,

To see if I could find the part that was missing of me.

I went down to the cliff and gazed off the rocky shore,

I could not visualize me. I couldn’t see me anymore.

It was gone, that part that held my dreams,

It slipped beneath the surface where shadow and light mimic moonbeams.

Dark waves crashed overhead causing ripples of fear,

It dissected my soul and caused me to disappear.

I was lost like Peter, but beneath the sea,

Dark, quiet motions as I screamed silently.

Where was God, where was Jesus, where was Holy Spirit,

Was that me gasping and who was there to hear it?

Thrashing, turning, convoluting my form;

Struggling for control in my personal storm.

I had to let go and stop the struggle,

I had to give up; I had no more air bubbles.

It was then that I knew I had no answers,

I was a puppet with the minuet dancers.

I thought that I could direct my life,

And found out instead I only directed the strife.

Jesus is the beautiful lover of my soul,

He gathers my pieces, He makes me whole.

He gives me a path, a direction to take,

What ocean I swim in is not His mistake.

Arm over arm I delight in the waves,

It is beautiful Jesus I rest in, it is Him who saves.

Awesome God, O Great I Am, you are where I find that missing part of me.

I am deeply loved, have always been cherished, never chained and unequivocally free!

Donna is sharing almost daily with me all the wonderful things that are transpiring in her life right now, as God has been revealing her gifts to her; Gifts that were always there, but buried beneath years of abuse and pain.

Can we not all relate to this poem?

Our answers lie in Jesus, always!!   It doesn’t matter what the issue is when a client comes to me. It always goes back to filling the gaping hole within their hearts with Jesus.

And that is your ministry as well. No matter where God has placed you, that is YOUR marketplace. You CAN make a difference in the lives of others my friends. go in confidence every day that where the Lord takes you, it is there that you will shine…if even giving a homeless person a bottle of water to hydrate himself. It all counts for eternity and there is no pecking order with God. It is a bout obedience and willingness…no matter how weak we feel… It is in His weakness we are made strong. It is not about us!! It is about Him!!

For it was for relationship with Him that we were created.

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